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Goldilock Secures 1.7 million USD Seed Round Led by New York Angels and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York

Today, British cybersecurity company Goldilock announces it has secured investment and support from members of two well-known investor groups – Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater NY (HBSAANY) and New York Angels (NYA). The $1.7 million seed round is a significant vote of confidence in Goldilock’s unique, patented, non-IP controlled hardware approach to cybersecurity.

Having grown considerably since its inception in 2020, Goldilock is now considered a top British cybersecurity innovator. Its solution – Drawbridge – is based on the premise that the only thing truly safe on the internet, paradoxically, is something not on the internet. This means delivering physical connection and disconnection of assets fast and conveniently, in a manner not controlled over the internet – a kill-switch or isolator to help organisations mitigate and contain cyber-attacks.

After establishing R&D facilities in the West Midlands two years ago, Goldilock has undergone incubation via the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s joint NCSC For Startups program with Plexal, acceleration via the Ministry of Defence’s Defence and Security Accelerator, and various other programs including Hub71 in the United Arab Emirates and TechUK.

Additional accolades and acknowledgements include:

Being publicly highlighted by The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre as one of five start-ups chosen to help address the persistent threat of ransomware attacks

Recognised by the UK Department of Science, Information and Technology (DSIT) in partnership with Info Security Europe as a startup finalist for most innovative cyber-SME.

Awarded Hardware/Endpoint Device of the Year in the 2023 Technology Reseller Awards

Invited to KPMG’s prestigious Global Unicorn Program.

As a member of both investor groups, Tom Hirschfeld commented: “In an increasingly dangerous and digital world, the cyber commands of countries such as the US, UK and Singapore are recommending or requiring that critical national infrastructure be kept physically offline whenever possible. Simultaneously, companies with sensitive digital assets need the ability to isolate those assets instantly, at the first sign of a network intrusion. Goldilock’s Drawbridge technology delivers an unbreakable hardware-based cyber defence solution. Based on our extensive due diligence, we believe that Goldilock’s DPNS approach (Dynamic, Physical Network Segmentation) delivers a level of safety unmatched by any other solution on the market.”

Goldilock CEO and Founder Tony Hasek added: “Goldilock’s Drawbridge is a critical enhancement to any network’s security. It empowers organisations to respond to cyber threats immediately, remotely and without using the internet. By enabling rapid and true physical containment of attacks, Drawbridge protects critical assets – be they systems or data – mitigates operational disruptions and ensures compliance, while enhancing cybersecurity posture and resilience.”

Goldilock is dedicating the proceeds of this financing round to sales and marketing of already commercially available products, with an emphasis on building a top-tier worldwide MSSP partner and Security Vendor channel network.‍