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TurinTech AI to showcase the power of GenAI code optimisation at Intel Innovation 2023

TurinTech, a leader in AI-powered code optimisation, will be exhibiting at Intel® Innovation, a global hub for tech enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders, in San Jose, CA, on September 19-20, 2023. TurinTech has been selected to be featured as part of both the Intel®Ignite and Intel® Liftoff start-up programmes.

The Intel® Innovation event showcases the latest developments in technology and innovation with keynotes from industry leaders, breakout sessions exploring specific topics, product demonstrations, and networking opportunities. TurinTech, alongside other AI startups from the Intel® Liftoff programme, will take centre stage at the event.

TurinTech will present an interactive demonstration of its code optimisation platform, Artemis, including how it automatically generates optimised code variations for an open-source project using its proprietary Large Language Model on Intel® Hardware. The demonstration will emphasise how the platform automatically finds code inefficiencies within the entire codebase and optimises it – considering user-defined performance metrics such as runtime and CPU usage.

Intel®and TurinTech
This event represents the significant benefits that have arisen from the relationship forged between Intel® and TurinTech. TurinTech is part of the Intel® Partner Alliance, Intel®Ignite and Intel® Liftoff communities. Through these communities, TurinTech has benefited from business-building opportunities, technical support and hands-on mentorship, all with the aim of helping the company scale innovation faster.

Dr Leslie Kanthan, Co Founder and CEO at TurinTech, commented: “It is an honour to be selected as part of both Intel® Ignite Europe Cohort and Intel® Liftoff, especially alongside so many other outstanding companies. Our Artemis platform is set to change the way businesses draw value from artificial intelligence, significantly reducing the time and money needed to draw actionable insights. Thank you to the Intel team for recognising our work and for the continued support they have given us.”

Visit TurinTech at the Intel Startup Community Booth #516.