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Nfinite Expands Offerings for CPG Companies

Unveils New Research Underscoring Current Challenges in Product Visual Creation for CPG Brands

71% of CPG companies struggle to keep product images up to date using traditional photography


Nfinite, the leader in next-generation product visualisation technology for brands and retailers, today announced expanded offerings for CPG and released new insights from independent research conducted by Dimensional Research. The study highlights the challenges faced by consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies in product image creation, which can hinder their competitive edge in the online marketplace.

The new report “The state of product visuals for CPG”  found that rapid product changes are a major challenge, with 71% of respondents struggling to update product images. Limited resources and budgets are also concerns, as 47% of companies lack staff and 31% state they face high costs when it comes to product visual creation. Scaling image creation activities is another hurdle, as 68% of CPG respondents state they exceed their allocated budgets.

A noteworthy finding was the strong demand for channel-specific imagery, enabling personalised online shopping experiences, with 93% of respondents offering this tailored shopping experience. The majority (71%) of CPG companies prioritise contextual or lifestyle images for selling new items, while 67% focus on trendy or “hot” items for this type of imagery. The study confirmed that contextual or lifestyle backgrounds outperformed plain backgrounds in terms of image effectiveness. However, despite this knowledge, 64% of companies still use plain white backgrounds for their product images, indicating the difficulty in producing adequate lifestyle imagery.

As a result of these findings and additional research and development, Nfinite is launching new solutions tailored to CPG companies to help these brands succeed with online marketplaces and retailers. The Nfinite platform now enables CPG companies to automatically produce comprehensive packshots of products, 360° videos, lifestyle and contextual imagery to bring products to life.

“Our research and development highlight the critical role of product imagery in consumer engagement for CPG companies. Overcoming product image creation challenges is essential for these companies to maintain a competitive edge, build brand loyalty, and drive online sales in today’s digital landscape,” said Nfinite founder and CEO Alexandre de Vigan. “That is why we are proud to unveil new solutions that help address these obstacles and provide a future-forward solution to help CPG companies succeed in the digital commerce landscape.”

The study indicated a notable shift in the industry, with 62% of companies reporting they currently use CGI image creation technology.  Furthermore, 71% of CPG companies expressed enthusiasm for technology solutions that gave them the ability to create photorealistic visuals without requiring a photo shoot, and 78% of CPG companies expressed a positive perception of CGI image creation, illustrating further adoption across the industry in the years to come.

The study emphasised the significant positive impact of great imagery across performance metrics, with 60% of respondents strongly agreeing on its influence. This underscores the crucial role that visual content solutions can play in helping CPG companies achieve their marketing objectives and drive revenue.

Research Methodology

A total of 104 qualified individuals from the United States completed the survey conducted by Dimensional Research. All were VP or C-level executives working at a retail company with more than 1,000 employees. All had responsibility for online sales, with decision-making responsibility for product images or e-commerce merchandising.


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