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Why opt for professional data cabling installation?

There are no two ways about it. Time is money.

No surprise then that slow, unreliable connections are bad news for business.

Buffering, weak signals and outages not only waste time but are frustrating for staff and customers – making effective data cabling fundamental to success.

But if the end goal is to save time and money, surely it makes sense to attempt improvements yourself?

We’d disagree.

Seeking the skill and expertise of professional data cabling experts is often the best way to maximise efficiency. So, before you attempt any DIY improvements, read on to take a look at why the smart money is being spent on professional data cabling installation.


7 benefits of professional data cabling

1.      Safety

When it comes to the work environment, safety is crucial.

Poorly organised cables with inadequate ventilation can easily overheat, but a professional data cabler will have the knowledge to deliver the safest possible solutions, with the skills and equipment to ensure cables are stowed neatly out of harm’s way.

They will also guarantee compliance with all health and safety regulations.


2.      Security

How tamper-proof is your network? Is your data secure?

Whilst you might be able to sort the basics of cabling yourself, how confident are you that your network is stable? Leave it to the professionals and not only will you reduce your liability, but you’ll also benefit from superior security.


3.      Speed

Choose an established company for data cabling installation and the task will be completed with maximum speed and efficiency. Helping to reduce the impact on daily business and keep any disruption to a minimum.

To really cut downtime, look for a company offering a flexible service. Office hours 9-5pm? Then it makes sense to have the work done after hours.



4.      Efficiency

Do you know the difference between a Cat6 wire and a Cat7?

The pros will.

Wire choice can affect speed and connectivity, and how they are managed has an impact too. Proper cable management will help to prevent outages and increase performance rates.


5.      Future proof

Plan for tomorrow today and safely navigate the future of your business with data cabling capable of growing with you.

An expert in data cabling will discuss your business needs and help to identify the best cable management to allow for development.


6.      Support and ongoing maintenance

Opt for professionals and benefit from their detailed knowledge and expertise.

Data cablers will have the benefit of previous experience. They will also understand the requirements of ongoing maintenance, organising your cabling to allow for easy access when required.

Not only should a professional simplify ongoing maintenance, they are also likely to offer ongoing services and routine checks to ensure systems continue performing at their peak.


7.      Save money

Getting cabling wrong can be an expensive mistake.

By outsourcing the work, you’re guaranteed to get things right first time. Saving the cost and hassle of remedying errors.


Find professional data cabling installation in your area

Want the most cost and time-efficient solution? Then invest in a professional service.

Look for a company with excellent reviews along with a fully qualified and competent team – such as First Choice Cabling. Offering a nationwide service backed by more than 50 years of experience across all sectors, they are a leading structured cabling design and installation company.

Don’t waste another moment. To find out more about the services they offer and how they could help with your data cabling installation, get in touch today.