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Live-streaming of the Tokushima International Consumer’s Forum 2023 to be held on October 31, 2023

TOKUSHIMA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Under the theme of “Consumer Empowerment in the Digital Age,” Tokushima Prefecture will host the “Tokushima International Consumer’s Forum 2023” to promote information sharing and collaboration among domestic and international consumer policy experts, university students from within Tokushima Prefecture and the ASEAN region, and others, as they exchange views on consumer risks and countermeasures brought about by the “Progress of Digitalization.”

What dangers do consumers face in this rapidly advancing digital society? How can consumers protect themselves while still enjoying the convenience of the digital society? What role do consumers play in this new age?

To answer these questions, consumer leaders and next-generation leaders from around the world gather in Tokushima, which is leading Japan in consumer policy together with the Strategic Headquarters for Frontiers of Consumer Policy of the Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA). Now, from Tokushima to the world, we propose a new way of consumerism in the digital age.

The forum will be live-streamed on the website below. We hope that the forthcoming forum will facilitate meaningful discussions leading to the progress of international consumer policy and consumer behavior toward a sustainable society for everyone around the world.

  1. Main Theme

    Consumer Empowerment in the Digital Age

  2. Date and Time (JST)

    October 31 (Tuesday), 2023, 10:30–17:00 (Live-streaming)

  3. Schedule (JST)
  • 10:30–10:50 Opening Remarks
  • 10:50–11:50 Keynote Speech

    [ Thirty Years of Digital Consumers – The Good, the Bad and the Future – ]

  • 13:00–14:30 Joint Session with the Consumer Affairs Agency

    [ Consumer Protection in the Digital Age – Present and Future – ]

  • 15:00–16:40 Future Session with Young People from Tokushima and ASEAN Countries

    [ Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age – Our Recommendations – ]

  • 16:40–17:00 General Commentary

* For more details, please visit the website of the Tokushima International Consumer’s Forum 2023 below.

Tokushima International Consumer’s Forum 2023

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