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Veracity Trust Network unveils launch of new ‘Freemium’ service to help UK businesses combat bad online bots

Pioneering tech company, Veracity Trust Network, has unveiled the launch of its new ‘Freemium’ service to help more UK businesses increase cyber security and protect themselves from ‘bad’ bots online.

Originally established in 2016, Veracity Trust Network is on a clear mission to safeguard businesses from the growing threat of harmful bots online through advanced tech solutions.

Having unveiled the launch of its new Website Threat Protection Platform in March 2023 – which successfully utilises machine learning to detect bots and safeguard online revenue, competitive edge, and brand reputation – Veracity Trust Network has already helped hundreds of businesses improve online security on an international scale.

In unveiling the launch of its new Freemium service, Veracity Trust Network now aims to help the SME community significantly reduce the risk of security threats and improve the data on which business decisions are made – with small businesses able to benefit from the software free of charge.

This come as the latest statistics reveal the average data breach can cost a UK organisation £130,000 plus, with 60% of SME’s reported to have gone out of business within six months of falling victim to a cyber-attack.


Stewart Boutcher, co-founder and CTO of Veracity Trust Network, confirmed: “Online bots are becoming more and more sophisticated, presenting a significant risk to organisations of all sizes – particularly when you consider the latest data from Experian, which shows 64% of consumers are put off using a business that has been the victim of a compromise or breach.

“The Veracity team and I have been working very hard to overcome this growing problem through the development of our pioneering Website Threat Protection platform, which has proven to be extremely impactful in preventing malicious attacks from sophisticated bots online.

“In launching our ‘Freemium’ version we can now enable even to smallest company to be protected from malicious bots attacking their website, while offering advanced protection to larger organisations for a small monthly fee. In doing so, we can help protect more businesses against rising cyber threats, while combatting the negative impact of ‘bad’ bots on a wider scale.”


The launch of Veracity Trust Network’s new freemium service follows news of the tech business securing funding for a 7-figure tech development project from the UK’s national innovation agency, Innovate UK.

Co-founded by forward-thinking tech entrepreneurs, Nigel Bridges, Stewart Boutcher and Mike Townend, Veracity Website Threat Protection is applicable to any business operating a website and blocks a wide range of bot attacks preventing potential huge financial loss and reputational damage, preserving website performance, and optimising infrastructure costs and security resources.

Headquartered in Leeds, the tech firm is forecast to more than triple its annual revenue by the close of 2023.

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