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Xcale-up expands operations to the United Kingdom and seeks to strengthen local partnerships

Joint venture between Ninecon and Verus Brasil, the company focuses on offering IT services with Oracle and SAP solutions in Europe and collaboration to carry out global projects

The Xcale-up, joint venture constituted among Brazilian companies Ninecon and Verus Brasil, expanded its operation to the United Kingdom. The main objective is to strengthen relationships with local partners and leverage the offering of Oracle and SAP solutions, combined with Brazilian experience.

“There are specialties that have developed more quickly in Brazil than in other locations. As in Europe, there is great logistical complexity and a lack of solutions that support operations, such as TMS (Transportation Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System) and analytics focused on the Supply Chain. More than simply the search for commodities, what has interested European partners is the maturity and expertise that Brazil already has beyond ERP, and which can help them develop new lines of business”, explains Redson Silva, CEO of Xcale-up.

The choice for the United Kingdom to expand the operation is related to the ease of communication in English and the local economic strength. Furthermore, there was an increase in demand for global projects from clients based in Europe but with business in other countries such as Portugal, United States and Mexico. This generated interest in having a partner operating in the Americas like Xcale-up.

“Xcale-up has presented itself as an integration bridge for European and global customers, counting on Ninecon and Verus Brasil to complement service coverage in some locations. Operating in the United Kingdom, we will have the benefits of a mature market that is very open to offshore services”, says Redson.

The Ninecon and Verus Brasil bet on the stability of the European market and invested approximately R$ 1 million in the joint venture to expand its operations to Europe. With a team of more than 600 consultants specialized in SAP and Oracle technologies, coming from both companies, it operates within European legislation with the aim of working collaboratively with local organizations, establishing partnerships and building solutions to boost business in European soil. The focus is the customer service in Western Europe and can also provide services to other countries in the region called EMEA (Europe, Middle Est and Africa).


About Ninecon

Founded in 2004, Ninecon is a Business Technology integrator with solid know-how as an implementer of solutions focused on innovation and value creation to boost businesses in the most diverse sectors, based on the main Information Technology players on the market. With a long history of partnership with Oracle and, more recently, with other players such as Microsoft, Dell EMC, VMware, Veeam, SailPoint and Run2Biz, Ninecon has the recognition, experience and training that ranges from technology applied to infrastructure and platform to third-generation cloud-based applications, such as Oracle Cloud ERP, Corporate Governance Suite (EPM), Supply Chain and Logistics Management (WMS and TMS Cloud), among others. The company received GPTW certification in 2023.


Abrou Verus Brasil

Verus Brasil is a Brazilian company specialized in SAP solutions, led by pioneers who have been operating in this market since 1996. For this reason, it was born with great experience and has maintained since 2009 a very experienced and highly qualified team in business, processes and technology, offering a wide range of solutions, which ensure its clients tangible results and high performance in their businesses.