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Karambit | Slaughter in CS2: Review, Design, Price

The release of CS2 has brought a breath of fresh air to the beloved franchise with exciting gameplay changes and a myriad of innovative features. However, one aspect that remains as enticing as ever is the world of skins, and among the most coveted is Karambit | Slaughter. 

Karambit | Slaughter’s Design

Without a doubt, karambit slaughter is one of the most iconic skins in the Counter-Strike series. Its striking design features a zebra-stripe pattern in aluminium and chrome paints, creating a captivating interplay of light and reflections. 

But what truly sets it apart is the bold tomato-red candy coat that covers the blade, creating a mesmerizing contrast with the metallic hues. In CS:GO, players revered this unique and aesthetic design. It’s been a prized possession for those who seek to make a statement with their in-game arsenal.

CS:GO vs. CS2 Comparison

Many players were anxious to see how their favourite skins would look in the new CS2. Fortunately, Karambit | Slaughter has not disappointed. The transition from CS:GO to CS2 saw the skin retaining its signature design, much to the delight of collectors and enthusiasts. 

The zebra-stripe pattern still gleams with chrome reflections, while the rich, bright coat maintains its visual allure. This consistency in design ensures that players can continue to showcase their prized Karambit | Slaughter in all its glory, seamlessly bridging the gap between the two games.


Karambit | Slaughter is a rare and in-demand gem for collectors, and the price proves that. In the CS2 market, this skin can cost around $1,700 with a Minimal Wear exterior. 

Where to Buy or Sell

When it comes to acquiring or parting ways with Karambit | Slaughter in CS2 or CS:GO, DMarket stands out as a trustworthy platform. In addition to the safety and convenience offered by DMarket, the platform also allows you to withdraw money—unlike the Steam community market, where you can only spend your wealth on in-game purchases.

Final Say

Karambit | Slaughter is an enduring symbol of style and prestige in both CS:GO and its successor, CS2. The transition from CS:GO to CS2 has been seamless, maintaining the skin’s allure and market value. With a consistently high price point, Karambit | Slaughter is a timeless collectible that commands attention.

For gamers looking to buy or sell this iconic skin, DMarket is a reliable and community-oriented platform that ensures secure transactions and a thriving marketplace. So whether you’re a collector, a player, or both, you can confidently explore the world of Karambit | Slaughter in CS2 and CS:GO with the knowledge that its value and appeal remain as strong as ever.