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How technology has helped improve sustainability in business

Sustainability is a concept that is a large part of the social consciousness. As the impact of humanity on the planet is in the news, businesses are finding ways to become as sustainable as possible. This may be down to their own desires, but customers often look to sustainability as a factor when buying from a company.

Technology has become a great tool that businesses can utilise in their journey to sustainability. Here are some ways technology can help.


Sustainability isn’t just about the environment in the business sphere. It can also be attributed to the societal impact which in this case is keeping people employed and skilled.

With the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, more and more processes are becoming automated which frees up the human workforce for other tasks. This allows staff to work on tasks that robots and software cannot do.

This will benefit the business as it will keep staff working on profitable tasks whilst being productive. It also offers the chance for a business to upskill its staff to keep them employed and progressing, which will also be a great way to boost morale.

Waste reduction

There are very few industries with no waste production, but how you deal with waste depends on your sustainability aims. Less waste means less pollutants in the environment. Technologies such as recycling robots and smart waste management systems are transforming the workplace.

Smart waste management systems work by using data and the Internet of Things to optimise resource allocation and reduce running costs. This means there will be less waste produced as the risk of human error is reduced.

By reducing the amount of waste produced, there will be fewer pollutants released into the atmosphere. This could be in the form of water pollution from chemical waste or air pollution in the form of gasses.

Offset product cleaning

Whilst it is inevitable that some pollutants are produced, there are ways to clean them before they enter the atmosphere or are disposed of.

If air pollution is something that your business is concerned about then you should invest in air pollution solutions. These specialist systems work by either heating the gasses produced or cooling them. Once the process has been applied, cleaned gasses or water vapour is released safely. This reduces the number of pollutants and helps you to meet your personal goals as well as your local environmental regulations.

Whilst the initial outlay may be a large expense for your company, the long-term benefits will be worth it. Not only will more customers use your services due to your sustainable label, but the impact on the environment for future generations will be reduced.