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What to Expect in the First Month of Working with a London SEO Consultant

Have you decided you want to work with a London SEO consultant? This huge move can be exciting, and it can begin an acceleration to the top of Google. But, if you’ve never gone down this path before, you might be wondering what to expect. In particular, what exactly should you expect in the first month of this new partnership? Let’s dive in and demystify the initial stages of collaborating with an SEO pro.


Initial Consultation and Assessment

Your journey begins with that all-important first online meeting with your SEO consultant. Expect a friendly chat where they’ll want to learn all about your business, goals, and, of course, your website. Don’t hold back – the more they know, the better they can tailor their approach to your unique needs. This is the foundation of your partnership, so open and honest communication is key.

The initial consultation is the perfect opportunity to engage with the SEO consultant and ensure they’re right for your business. Doing some research beforehand can also ensure you’re not wasting your time. Thus, ensure you find an SEO consultant near you who understands the local demographic. Indeed, London businesses benefit greatly from experts in the capital.


Website Audit and Analysis

After getting the lowdown on your business, it’s time for your SEO consultant to roll up their sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of your website. They’ll be on the lookout for any technical issues, on-page improvements, and hidden gems that can supercharge your SEO game. Expect them to use a range of tools and techniques to perform this deep analysis. Then, they’ll create a strategy based on this audit to improve your site and ensure it’s running well for customers, and so Google ranks it highly.


Keyword Research and Strategy Development

Once your consultant has a handle on your site’s condition, they’ll shift their focus to keywords. Expect some serious brainstorming and research to identify the best keywords for your business. These are the words that will help you climb up the search results ladder. You’ll likely be involved in this process, so get ready to share your insights and preferences.


On-Page SEO Optimisation

Now, it’s time to give your website a makeover, SEO style. Your consultant will work on improving meta tags, headings, and content, all aligned with the chosen keywords. This step makes your site more search engine-friendly and sets the stage for improved rankings. This stage can take longer if you’ve neglected your website in recent years or you’ve never invested in SEO.


Off-Page SEO Initiatives

It’s not all about what’s on your site; off-site activities play a crucial role. Expect your consultant to delve into the world of backlinks, outreach, and content promotion. These efforts will help boost your website’s authority and online visibility. While not all SEO consultants will tackle off-page SEO straight away, it can be incorporated into the strategy in the next few months. Often, the website and on-page SEO will take priority.


Content Recommendations and Creation

Content is king in the SEO world, and your consultant will emphasise its importance. They might recommend creating new, SEO-optimised content or improving existing material. Expect a focus on quality and relevance to engage your audience and enhance your site’s authority. Most SEO consultants have an experienced team assisting them. Thus, they can create quality content with their expertise.


Monthly Progress Reporting

Good news – you won’t be left in the dark. This is one of the number one fears when you work with an SEO agency. You’re left not knowing what’s going on or what that team is achieving. But, monthly reports mean you see exactly what the team has focused on and the improvements they’ve made.

Your SEO consultant will provide regular progress reports, keeping you in the loop on the journey toward your goals. Be prepared to discuss key performance indicators, and feel free to ask questions. Transparency and clear communication are the name of the game. Any team is going to be open to discussing their work with you and answering any questions you have about their strategy.


Setting Realistic Expectations

In the first month, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations. SEO is a long-term game, and significant ranking improvements may take time. Remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Your consultant will help you understand the process, so patience is key.

Note that it’s unlikely to see a lot of progress in the first month. For example, you’re not going to jump to the top of Google in 30 days. This is unrealistic, and believing things like this will leave you feeling disappointed. You’ve got to give the SEO consultant an opportunity to work their magic and use their expertise. Namely, expect the first month to be all about transitioning. This is particularly true if you’ve neglected your website for a while. It’ll take time for it to get up to speed.



So, what should you expect in the first month of working with an SEO consultant? It takes a whole lot of planning, analysing, optimising, and building a strong partnership. The initial phase is about laying the groundwork for future success. Keep an eye on those progress reports and stay engaged – your involvement will play a vital role in achieving your SEO goals.