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Everest Group Names SS&C Blue Prism as a Leader and a Star Performer in Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® 2023

21 November, 2023 – SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) today announced SS&C Blue Prism has been named a Leader and a Star Performer in the Everest Group Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

“SS&C Blue Prism’s continued investments in strengthening its process orchestration capabilities and integrating it within its broader intelligent automation platform is a key differentiator for them,” said Amardeep Modi, Vice President at Everest Group. “Strong year-over-year improvements in SS&C Blue Prism’s capabilities and value delivered to its clients have helped it emerge as a Leader and a Star Performer on Everest Group’s Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® 2023.”

Analyzing products, applications and strengths of 24 technology providers in the market, the Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 is a key indicator of the process orchestration landscape and emerging trends. The research helps buyers select technology providers for their needs. SS&C Blue Prism’s position as a Leader was evaluated by Everest Group on four key capabilities: process design and execution, business rules and decision management, low-code/no-code and hybrid workforce management.

Additionally, SS&C Blue Prism emerged as a Star Performer. Providers with the highest year-over-year improvement in performance on market impact and vision in PEAK Matrix® assessments are designated as Star Performers.

SS&C Blue Prism’s Process Orchestration tool, Chorus, helps business users design, manage, and monitor end-to-end business processes. Process orchestration can help improve operational efficiencies and workforce productivity and ensure compliance. SS&C | Blue Prism® Chorus’ security features, ease of customization, scalability, and customer support are some of the key strengths highlighted by its clients.

“Being named both a Leader and a Star Performer in Everest Group’s Process Orchestration Products PEAK Matrix® highlights what a powerful tool SS&C Chorus is within our intelligent automation suite,” said Mike Megaw, Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Risk, Regulatory and Data. “As we move towards a digital-first future powered by intelligent automation, tools such as Chorus will be key in transforming the way organizations get work done.”

In October 2023, SS&C Blue Prism was named a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Leader in the Everest Group Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 for the six consecutive year in a row.

SS&C Blue Prism digitizes operations across financial services, insurance, health and pharma, banking and more. Speak to an expert about SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation offering.

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