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Talk Home App Now in the USA: Expanding its Services from the UK to the US

Renowned for its cost-effective international communication services, Talk Home App officially launched in the United States on 10th October 2023, addressing the pressing need for affordable and accessible global calling in the country.

The app aims to bridge geographical divides and enables residents across the US and worldwide to enjoy seamless international communication across the world.

Bridging the Gap with Budget-Friendly Calls

Recognising the challenges faced by expatriates who may not have a credit history in the USA or cannot afford costly calling bundles to contact their loved ones in their home countries, Talk Home’s service is designed to ensure accessibility and convenience.

Expats often face challenges in obtaining mobile phone contracts due to poor credit scores. However, Talk Home app solves this by not requiring credit checks, ensuring easy access to mobile services.

Moreover, Talk Home offers expats a cost-effective alternative for international calls, offering affordable calling rates.

Evolution to Cutting-Edge Connectivity

With a rich history spanning over two decades, Talk Home App has navigated the evolution of international communication, transforming from a provider of calling cards to the forefront of the digital age as a cutting-edge calling app.

The app has consistently adapted to the changing landscape, expanding its reach and catering to a diverse audience.

Talk Home App has seamlessly embraced technology, allowing users to make high-quality, crystal-clear international calls from anywhere in the world. This evolution reflects the brand’s commitment to staying at the forefront of communication trends.

Over 18 million users benefit from Talk Home mobile and app, making 220 million yearly connections to 250 destinations. With a customer-centric approach, it leverages leading technologies and strong global partnerships to offer the best network coverage and call rates, ensuring users stay seamlessly connected worldwide.

Exclusive Launch Offer

Talk Home App offers new users a 10% discount on their first international top-up to celebrate its US launch. This exclusive offer provides an excellent opportunity for users to experience the app’s cost-effective and high-quality services at an even more affordable rate.

Perks and Benefits Await in the US

Users of Talk Home App in the US can enjoy the following perks:

Affordable International Calls

Talk Home App offers USA residents incredibly low rates, starting at just 1 cent per minute, making international calls budget-friendly and eliminating distance as a communication barrier.

Global Credit Transfer

Beyond standard international calls, Talk Home enables users to send credit to over 500+ networks globally.

This commitment to seamless communication includes the convenience of recharging any prepaid or PAYG number with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Dedicated Local Access Numbers

Talk Home App allows users to connect internationally without internet dependence. Using local lines ensures stable connections, positioning Talk Home as a versatile option for various communication scenarios.

Moreover, Talk Home App provides dedicated local access numbers for US residents. This strategic move enhances the user experience, allowing seamless connections with international contacts without dealing with complex dialling codes.


In a nutshell, the launch of Talk Home App in the US market signifies a significant milestone for the company as it seeks to enhance global connectivity. Users in the United States can now experience the benefits of Talk Home’s reliable and cost-effective international communication services.

As the Talk Home App continues to connect millions worldwide, its presence in the US is poised to positively impact how users stay connected with their global network.