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Emtelle launches new partnership with Sales Outsource Solutions to expand its market presence in Canada

Emtelle, a global leader in the supply of passive network infrastructure, has formed a new partnership with Sales Outsource Solutions, a key industry player with a wealth of experience in the outsourcing sector, to strengthen its market presence in Canada. Emtelle has been at the forefront of blown fibre development in the UK and Europe for over 30 years, and in addition has been a pioneer in moving the market in Canada to blown fibre in the last 10 years.

The new collaboration comes after Emtelle opened a multi-million dollar North American state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the USA in 2023. This is where Emtelle is manufacturing the company’s market-leading micro-duct solutions, ensuring that customers in Canada have access to high-quality ‘Made in North America’ products.

The partnership aims to further make available Emtelle’s products and customised solutions for customers through Sales Outsource Solutions. Customers who engage with this collaborative effort gain the advantage of implementing a high-reliability FTTx network in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

Welcoming the new partnership, Jim Qualkenbush, Vice-President of Sales Development at Emtelle, said: “Emtelle is delighted to have Sales Outsource Solutions as our new representatives in Canada. Sales Outsource Solutions’ industry experience and dedication to customer service will greatly benefit our Canadian customers. We believe that this dynamic new partnership will provide an exceptional service for our customers.”

Brian Didone, National Director, Conduit Solutions at Sales Outsource Solutions, said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Emtelle, a global leader in pre-connectorised, blown fibre cable and ducted network solutions with experience of over 40 years. We at Sales Outsource Solutions are exceptionally well-positioned to dramatically increase Emtelle’s Canadian market share by leveraging our extensive industry relationships and strong technical acumen. Collectively, we are poised to deliver exceptional value, innovation, and best-in-class customer support to our Canadian customers. I am excited to be leading Sales Outsource Solutions as their new National Director, Conduit Solutions in this collaboration.”