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Trade Tech Joins ASTM Global Supply Chain Data Standard Initiative

Trade Tech, an industry-leading global logistics platform, announced today that it is working with ASTM International, one of the world’s largest standard development organizations, on its Global Supply Chain Data Standard initiative. The aim of the program is to facilitate instantaneous data interoperability to support a resilient global supply chain. Trade Tech’s president, Bryn Heimbeck, serves as a volunteer on the Executive Committee as well as the chairman of the Essential Data Elements sub-committee.

“The global trade industry has been asking for better visibility to help improve the management of the supply chain for some years now. Managing global trade is particularly difficult because moving freight across the world is inherently complex. Multiple parties in different time zones speaking different languages need to work together with everyone looking at the same data in real-time in a ‘language’ they can all understand. And that’s where data standards and ASTM come in,” said Mr. Heimbeck.

“We are hopeful the Essential Data Elements sub-committee will be comprised of all sectors of the industry, so each has a voice in the development of the standard. Developing consensus around a robust interoperable data standard is a foundational first step in enhancing the supply chain resiliency called for by the White House and others,” commented Mr. Heimbeck. “We are looking for industry leaders to volunteer their time and expertise for this effort.”

The goal of the Essential Data Elements sub-committee (F49.03) is to develop a well-described data set for controlling the movement of goods via Ocean, Air, Truck, and Rail domestically and internationally, whether the goods are moving as an FCL or LCL. The data specifications will include recommendations on the size and type of data segments and referential control points of the data set with the aim of creating a common understanding, such as Port Codes, Carrier Names and Harmonized Codes.

The ASTM F49 Committee is looking for volunteers to join in this work. Interested parties should visit to register.