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Quest Software Launches Foglight Cloud to Maximize Cloud Infrastructure Performance and Increase Data Accessibility

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, announced the launch of Foglight Cloud, a new managed-monitoring and optimization platform built on top of the Foglight suite to help businesses manage, monitor and control their data and IT infrastructure.

By 2026, 75% of organizations will adopt a business transformation model reliant on cloud, with cloud infrastructure and platform spending set to increase the quickest thanks to the increasing use of AI and cloud-based data. However, without the right strategy to rein in costs, businesses can find the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their database and infrastructure platforms spiralling out of control.

“The line between cloud and on-premise environments has blurred so dramatically that the push for cloud data optimization and cost reduction has become an infrastructure-wide business issue,” said Heath Thompson President & GM at Quest Software. “Business teams need a new path to improve financial efficiency, decrease their TCO and get the most return on investment from their data. Improved cloud data observability shines a bright light on the best path to follow.”

Foglight Cloud harnesses the power of its existing Foglight suite (including Foglight for Databases and Foglight Evolve) to give IT teams the ability to reduce complexity across their entire data estate within cloud and hybrid environments. Foglight Cloud also includes many of the other Foglight solutions’ key features, with the added benefit of living solely in the cloud.

Other key benefits for this new platform include:
• Collection of insights to drive cloud savings: Predictive capabilities within Foglight Cloud enable businesses to actively predict future costs and take steps to reduce inefficient cloud and data spend.
• Automation-driven observability: Users can implement automated workflows, custom notifications and reusable templates to manage alerts across databases, with aggregated query insights to identify the highest-priority targets for diagnosing and resolving performance issues.
• Standardization of performance monitoring: Aggregated query insights help identify the highest-priority targets for diagnosing and resolving performance issues.
• Fine-tuned analysis for quicker event resolution: With Foglight Cloud, users will receive prioritized alerts when activity deviates from baseline norms, and can easily locate and resolve wait-related issues at the statement level.
• Easy install: Thanks to its solution-agnostic approach, Foglight Cloud can be easily configured as a standalone solution or integrated as a database monitor within existing infrastructure.

“74% of cloud-native companies utilize managed services to ensure they’re getting a clear return on their cloud investments, and it makes a measurable difference,” said Thompson. “Getting full observability into, and control over, cloud operations and data helps organizations maximize their data and computing power to unlock strong business outcomes.”