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3 Tactics for Building International Backlinks That Survive Google Updates

Building high-quality backlinks remains one of the best ways to get your website to rank highly on search engine result pages. There is no shortage of strategies that help you with this crucial SEO strategy. The problem is that many businesses fall into the trap of building low-quality backlinks that give them great results in the short term but do not do well after Google updates and as the search engine devalues them. Here are three tactics that will help you build high-quality backlinks that will continue producing excellent results for a long time.

Partner with the Right Websites

Creating helpful content and posting it on relevant partner websites is a solid international link building strategy. Keeping in mind that Google checks the linking websites and the one receiving the link to determine the backlinks’ relevance and importance, businesses must find the right websites to get backlinks from.

Doing so requires thorough research into the website’s visibility index, domain authority, and topical relevance. You should also ensure the websites post natural backlinks and avoid link farms and microsites because these can tank your ranking quickly.

To avoid doing all this work yourself, you can work with companies that provide international link building services so they can find the right websites for you. They will also create the content they will use for the link placement, and that will ensure a healthy stream of international visitors to your website.

Create Digital PR Content

Creating content journalists will love and promoting it to them is another great way of building high-quality international backlinks. If they find it valuable, they will write about, include, or mention it in the pieces they are writing. If they do, you can expect numerous backlinks from news publications and big websites.

This tactic entails three steps:

  • Finding topics that are already trending or likely to do so in the future
  • Creating great, newsworthy, and relevant content on the topic
  • Reaching out to journalists to tell them what you are working on

In many cases, the SEO company handling your link building will contact the journalists for you. If not, you can use one of the many online tools that make it easy to do so.

Create Research-Based Content

Journalists and high-authority websites love good statistics. They are usually open to providing a great backlink if they think a statistic will enhance their story. This strategy requires research and can take a lot of time, but it will keep paying off for years.

It starts with researching the markets you want to target, understanding them, and finding relevant statistics about them. Once you have the data, distil it down, keeping the local context in mind so the content you create is relevant to the local audience.

Link building requires continuing effort, but you can make things easier on yourself by building international backlinks that keep bringing traffic for a long time. Creating relevant, helpful, evergreen content that people, especially journalists, are more likely to share will help with these kinds of backlinks.