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Sipcom, an Advania Company, Launches HALO Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Sipcom, an Advania company, the leading provider of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, today announced the launch of HALO Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams.

Available in the UK, the new offering will help businesses to integrate seamlessly Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) into Microsoft Teams. The solution provides a unified communications experience at cost.

A cloud-based solution, HALO Operator Connect will not require any upfront hardware or software investment. Operator Connect helps bypass time-consuming tasks, helping achieve cost savings over a total do-it-yourself approach. It allows

HALO Operator Connect is a cloud-based solution that does not require any upfront investment in hardware or software. Businesses can achieve cost savings compared to a do-it-yourself approach and bypass the time-consuming tasks of project and infrastructure setup, elevating connectivity across the workforce by enabling virtual collaboration across devices and locations with HALO Solutions for Microsoft Teams.

“We’re thrilled with the addition of Operator Connect to our HALO platform,” said Mike Harvey, Product Director at Sipcom. “This will create even more value for our Channel partners and their customers with continued alignment to the Microsoft voice strategy.”

“At Microsoft, we’re thrilled to partner with Sipcom, an Advania Company, to bring our Partners and their customers the benefits of Operator Connect,” said Eleri Gibbon, Director (UK), Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft. “With Sipcom’s expertise in voice and collaboration solutions, combined with Microsoft Teams’ powerful capabilities, businesses can enjoy a seamless communication experience unlike any other. We’re excited to see how this partnership will transform the way organisations connect with their customers and partners.”

The process simplifies the provisioning and management of PSTN calling, as businesses can manage all of their PSTN calling needs from a single portal. With enhanced voice quality, HALO Operator Connect delivers high-quality voice calling using a cloud-based voice network. This network is designed to provide businesses with crystal-clear voice quality, even when making calls over long distances.