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Specialist Microsoft Cloud & Cyber Security provider ‘labdesk’ arrives in the Northwest

labdesk has launched a cloud + cyber security platform & services dedicated to enabling innovative teams working within regulated sectors.

Offering a suite of managed services across Cloud, IT and Cyber Security, labdesk enables teams within science, aerospace, engineering and clean energy sectors (and associated supply chains) to grow and stay safe by leveraging cloud technology.

labdesk was founded by Mike Douglass & James Rooney, IT professionals based in Warrington, Northwest. Both co-founders have many years’ experience providing managed IT & technology services within the clean energy and engineering sectors.

The team at labdesk believe that leveraging secure cloud technology is the key to growth. They have developed the concept ‘technology value drivers’ – taking their partners on a journey from technology pain, viewing IT as a cost to changing their partners perception of technology to be an investment. Adding value to a business – supporting growth, boosting productivity, enhancing innovation and protecting assets.

Mike Douglass, labdesk Co-Founder comments;

“Innovative teams and sectors are the driving force making the world a better place, from advancing science, to improving how we live. With the fast-paced world of innovation and business, its important teams within these sectors have access to world class technology.

“labdesk is cloud + cyber security first, meaning all of our services, team & support are built to enable a modern-day business to grow, increase efficiencies and ensure security is optimised at every level.”

labdesk has curated a suite of cloud offerings built in partnership with the Microsoft Azure & 365 technology stacks. Teaming up with leading technology vendors to optimise the partners experience – Allowing rapid deployment, scalable services, improved reliability, and world class support.

James Rooney comments:
“We are building a brand with a purpose, to make a positive impact to the businesses and teams we work with. We are obsessed with partner experience and will be focused on delivering both XLA’s (experience level agreements) & SLA’s (service level agreements).

“Whilst we recognise it’s important to offer solid SLA’s, we strongly believe a focus on partner experience can elevate the businesses we work with, providing relevant tools and technology to enable them to do what they do best. A positive team is a happy team, which in turn is a productive team!”

For more information about the labdesk mission and impact they are making with their partners you can visit: