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Alight unveils Alight LumenAITM, its next-generation AI engine powering Alight Worklife®

The Alight LumenAI engine to integrate all new and existing AI capabilities across the Alight Worklife platform, creating a cohesive AI ecosystem to deliver innovation and enhanced outcomes for organizations and their employees

Alight, Inc. (NYSE: ALIT), a leading cloud-based human capital and technology services provider, today introduced Alight LumenAI, the company’s next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Alight LumenAI bolsters the Alight Worklife platform by merging new and existing AI capabilities into a unified ecosystem to drive innovation and elevate outcomes for both organizations and employees.

Alight LumenAI enables a more connected and intelligent experience across all Alight Worklife solutions via new technical capabilities including:

– Integration of at-scale generative AI into Alight Worklife’s new and existing AI
– One, unified view of each individual employee across multiple AI touchpoints
– Accelerated integration of external data sources into AI decision-making

“Alight applies AI across our offerings to help our clients optimize efficiency, decision-making and human capital management to meet the needs of today’s workforce,” said Josh Welch, EVP of product management Alight. “The Alight LumenAI engine marks the next step in our exciting AI journey, empowering clients to enhance organizational competitiveness amidst a rapidly evolving landscape with high-impact AI capabilities.”

Alight’s track record in AI innovation showcases impressive achievements, including a personalized engagement capability that drives a greater than 10% increase in targeted client HR outcomes and an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA –Formerly Ask Lisa) with a market-leading 95% intent detection rate that supports a 90% digital diversion rate from our call centers.

The development of Alight LumenAI is underpinned by strategic AI investments made in 2023, including a transition to a central cloud data-lake; investments in AI talent; aggressive generative AI experimentation; and the establishment of a formalized AI governance policy, framework, and process to accelerate responsible innovation.

Additional AI innovation deployed by Alight in the last year include:

– Voice-based interactive response system (IVR) deployment in Alight’s call centers to facilitate natural language interactions for employees
– Intelligent Document Processing that reduces processing times of employee-submitted documents from 10 minutes to near-instant
– Health and wealth guidance enhancements to provide personalized wellbeing guidance for employees.

Driving business outcomes with Alight LumenAI

Alight LumenAI powers engagement, assistance, recommendation and insights operations capabilities across Alight Worklife, enabling impactful AI use cases for employers to engage their employees across their benefits such as personalized HR campaigns, health guidance, virtual assistant interactions, and intelligent document processing.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Alight LumenAI engine, ushering in a new era of AI-driven HR solutions to drive efficiency, engagement and productivity,” said Geoffrey Peterson, vice president of data and analytics at Alight. “Our Alight Worklife platform, turbocharged by Alight LumenAI, empowers employers to better understand their workforce and engage with them during moments that matter. Integrating our AI capabilities into the Alight LumenAI engine results in a leap forward in how employers can leverage AI to drive business outcomes, redefine the employee experience, and transform their HR functions through AI.”

Ongoing pilots of new Alight LumenAI capabilities include GenAI-powered IVA and content creation, employee experience hot-spot identification, and personalization models trained on large-scale medical and social determinants of health external datasets.

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