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Reltio Introduces Groundbreaking AI-powered Capabilities that Strengthen Data Unification and Simplify the User Experience

Latest release features large language models (LLMs) for Entity Resolution called FERN and Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA) to dramatically increase match accuracy, data steward productivity.

Reltio®, a leading data unification and management company, introduced its latest product release featuring Reltio’s industry-leading LLM-powered, pre-trained machine learning (ML) feature for entity resolution and a new AI capability designed to simplify matching and make digital content searches easier. The company’s expanded use of AI in the latest release is a critical milestone in its AI-first strategy for data unification and management. The Reltio Connected Data Platform™—the world’s leading data unification and management platform—powers generative AI (Gen AI) and LLMs to strengthen data unification and accelerate time-to-value for core entity resolution and data stewardship tasks.

Key enhancements in the Reltio Connected Data Platform 2024.1 include the following:

– Reltio’s Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN) for rule-free matching takes automation in data unification to the next level. Using LLM-powered pre-trained ML models, this groundbreaking approach to entity resolution enables rule-free matching with high match accuracy across industries and with minimal effort. FERN automatically suggests matches out-of-the-box with higher accuracy. The pre-trained models incorporate zero-shot learning, eliminating model training, boosting data team productivity, and shortening implementation time by eliminating the hundreds of person-hours previously required to define, configure, and iterate match rules.

– Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA): With gen AI and natural language technology, it is easier than ever for users to search digital content – even complex, technical concepts – with a natural language, chat-based interface 24/7 integrated in the Reltio platform. This new feature helps speed up time to value by amplifying data stewards’ productivity by placing the answers to complex technical questions at their fingertips – eliminating hours of manual searching and logging service tickets. This helps free data stewards focus on handling critical issues that improve data accuracy and drive the curation of high-quality data.

– Product data domain for Reltio for Life Sciences velocity pack: This helps users in life sciences jumpstart their journeys to trusted, interoperable data by simplifying compliance with life sciences regulations, including Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) while driving operational excellence. This feature helps customers access reliable, timely product data to introduce new products, perform analyses, forecast demand, and optimize inventory management. The pre-built product data domain and related configurations follow from recent additions of healthcare provider (HCP) and clinical operations domains, continuing to build the multidomain breadth of this popular velocity pack.

– Collaborative profile creation: This feature provides customizable multi-step screens as UI and workflow components, streamlining the profile authoring experience and increasing productivity. This enhancement empowers data stewards to collaborate, search for similar profiles, and create relationships with pending profiles to ensure better governance and high-quality data.

“Data teams are under intense pressure to rapidly provide high-quality data for transformative initiatives, which has only been exacerbated by the urgency to innovate with AI across different business functions,” said Venki Subramanian, Senior Vice President of Product Management. “We are proud to provide enterprises with unmatched business responsiveness through the use of AI in the Reltio Connected Data Platform, and with cutting-edge innovations like FERN to solve one of the most difficult challenges in data management – entity resolution. With a multi-layer AI innovation strategy, we are excited to offer Gen AI-driven, conversational UI to help users easily get the answers they need about our platform, which further increases the speed to trusted data with higher productivity.”

The new and enhanced features are available now.