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A new era for Code Ninjas as new executive leadership team and headquarters announced

Code Ninjas, a key player in children’s coding education, is celebrating the announcement of a dynamic executive team and headquarters relocation to propel the brand into a new phase of growth. Not just a relocation but a strategic leap from Houston to Atlanta mirrors Code Ninjas’ visionary pursuit of global expansion in coding education. With the helm now commanded by the freshly appointed CEO, Navin Gurnaney, the franchise is on the brink of an electrifying transformation, infusing newfound energy and innovation to sculpt the future landscape of coding education for children.

“Eagle Merchant Partners is thrilled with Code Ninjas’ new leadership under Navin and team, poised to lead in children’s coding education,” said Zack Taylor, Managing Partner of Eagle Merchant Partners, who acquired Code Ninjas in 2021. “Their expertise promises innovation and growth, signalling an exciting future for the sector. We’re confident in their ability to inspire the next tech generation.”

Bringing a wealth of experience from global giants like Starbucks, PepsiCo, Domino’s International, Office Depot and C2 Education, Navin joins Code Ninjas with a storied career of team and business development. Having made an impact on three continents – North America, Europe and Asia – his journey is a testament to his versatile leadership style. Beyond a remarkable business background, Navin’s commitment to operational excellence, performance and fostering teamwork adds a dynamic and passionate touch to his role at Code Ninjas.

“I’m really excited about the future of Code Ninjas,” said Navin. “Our size, simplicity of concept and the tailwinds around tech education and child enrichment give us reason to be very optimistic. Between the new leadership team and engagement of our franchise owners, we are primed for success moving forward.”

With 15 years’ experience in the industry, Nancy Delgadillo, a U.S. Army combat veteran, has successfully steered entrepreneurs and investors in diverse sectors – from retail to automotive and hospitality. Now, as Vice President of Franchise Development at Code Ninjas, Nancy brings her wealth of experience to amplify the presence of this unique and innovative coding concept dedicated to shaping the next generation of coders. Her commitment extends to both local and international growth, where she plays a pivotal role in expanding existing franchisees by facilitating access to various funding sources.

Harnessing over 14 years of expertise in education, with a primary focus on afterschool K-12 programmes, Edward Kim has dedicated his career to revolutionising learning experiences. His skill set includes driving growth through impactful content, enhancing student engagement and fortifying employee skills. Now, as the Vice President of Education and Training at Code Ninjas, Edward takes charge of crucial strategic decisions concerning the curriculum and employee training – the very foundation of every Ninja’s experience.

In his most recent role as a regional director at Starbucks, overseeing 150 stores, Tim Klein demonstrated a keen understanding of operational success. By stepping into the role of Code Ninjas’ Vice President of Operational Excellence, he is set to collaborate with and empower owners in cultivating a world-class business driven by a shared passion for educating the next generation through coding. Tim will seamlessly meld the brand’s mission of fostering a culture of fun in coding and learning with operational excellence, ensuring that Code Ninjas maximises its positive impact on the community.

Adam Patterson’s 15 years of experience in progressive finance roles includes a background in supporting high-growth, small to mid-sized service businesses. In joining the Code Ninjas team as Chief Financial Officer, he takes on the pivotal role of aligning people, processes and systems to ensure financial stability and compliance, vital pillars supporting the brand’s ambitious growth plans. Partnering closely with franchisees, Adam will spearhead initiatives to drive improvements and instil best practices across the network – solidifying Code Ninjas’ financial foundation for future success.

In a decade-long career, Matt Rogers has helped brands develop and execute their marketing strategies, most recently serving as the General Manager of North America and Head of Global Brand for Walnut Coding, a global EdTech company. By stepping into the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Code Ninjas, Matt takes on the exciting challenge of crafting and executing a vibrant marketing strategy. Beyond the drawing board, he personally oversees each campaign, injecting creativity and strategic insight to catapult Code Ninjas’ public profile.

With a 20-year career in technology and solution architecture, Archana Singh is a seasoned leader – having left her mark at EY and NCR POS solutions. As the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer at Code Ninjas, Archana brings expertise that promises to propel the brand into new technological horizons, fostering innovation and elevating client services. Her strategic appointment reflects Code Ninjas’ unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and consistently enhancing its technological prowess.

Although in its early stages, this fresh leadership team has already begun positively influencing the Code Ninjas brand – thanks to Navin’s dynamic and inclusive leadership approach.

Code Ninjas allows children ages 5-15 to immerse themselves in a fun and inclusive environment that provides an opportunity to empower their young minds through interactive and playful technology. For more information on Code Ninjas and franchise opportunities, visit