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Prysmian Digitally Transforms Warehousing Capabilities with Blue Yonder

Prysmian, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable industry, has successfully completed the implementation for the Canadian warehouse of Blue Yonder’s SaaS-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) to support a more sustainable and customer-oriented supply chain.

Prysmian is the largest cable producer in the world, with 30,000 associates and $16 billion in sales, specialising in the production of cable and systems for use in the energy and telecom industries. Prysmian is leading a digital transformation that is positively impacting customer service levels, as well as the sustainability of its supply chain execution.

Prysmian was looking for a scalable solution, built for the connected world, as well as for a global supply chain solutions provider able to support warehousing operations across their worldwide differentiated business.

Prysmian chose Blue Yonder to cover and improve their warehousing operations starting in North America, with the solution planned to become a standard for all Prysmian distribution centres globally.

With Blue Yonder, Prysmian now can:

  • Cover the different needs, from cable cutting to kitting and harnessing, with comprehensive capabilities.
  • Lower the environmental impact of warehouse operations thanks to better management of resources, stocks, materials, and distribution.
  • Have integrated real-time inbound and outbound execution processes, optimising customer service.
  • Enable a digital environment and optimisation of every operation step to ensure accuracy, efficiency, compliance, and desired customer service.
  • Scale across the different kinds of operations and needs with great flexibility.
  • Support complex operations more easily with smart configuration.

“The digital transformation of our North America warehouse operations with Blue Yonder has begun, having successfully transitioned the first Distribution Centre. We consider the project a huge success, shipping ahead of the targeted Go-Live and exceeding the targeted shipping volume in the first month.  Blue Yonder’s WMS solution has proven to provide the functionality that our DCs require to meet the customer’s demands, providing our operators with efficient operations and better visibility to workflow. As part of our strategy, we are moving from a traditional supply-driven distribution process to a demand-driven and sustainable process, enabled by Blue Yonder’s WMS,” said Brad Cunningham, North America Distribution & Logistics Manager for Prysmian.

Prysmian warehousing processes are characterised by different complexities and peculiarities related to its business and by the need of custom configurations for each cable-related project. Blue Yonder’s WMS allows Prysmian to fully digitalise its warehouses and gain optimised operations to ensure accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, compliance, and the highest customer service level across the logistics and replenishment execution processes.

“By migrating to a SaaS-based WMS, Prysmian has gained the ability to analyse data to make insightful decisions and acquire end-to-end visibility that helps their supply chain efficiency and sustainability. Managing the expectations of all their stakeholders is not an easy task, but Prysmian is doing it successfully with the guidance of the Blue Yonder team. For that, I am extremely proud of the work we are doing and look forward to seeing their implementation expand in their distribution centres all over the world,” said Terry Turner, president of manufacturing, at Blue Yonder.