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Driving Success to Win the Race

A proud partner to the Cheltenham Festival, Ultima has helped the Jockey Club to deliver time efficiencies, better user experience, and technology-led business advantages since 2010.

Like the Jockey Club, Ultima knows digital transformation is key to winning the race and remaining competitive. KPMG’s 2023 US Technology Survey Report backs this up, finding 56 percent of technology leaders say returns from digital transformation investments have exceeded their expectations and 45 percent of businesses have increased profitability or performance from those investments.

But at Ultima, we know many UK businesses are still crashing at the first hurdle when it comes to digital transformation and automating processes that could save them time and money, and free up individuals to focus on more strategic tasks. So, we’re launching our 100 Day Challenge in recognition of our partnership with the Jockey Club and Cheltenham Festival’s 100th Year to stop businesses from missing out on the automation advantage.

Scott Dodds, CEO says, “Our Founder Max McNeill initiated our relationship with both the Jockey Club and the Cheltenham Festival to not just deliver a fantastic hospitality opportunity for our most valued clients but to give time back to the Club and help it move into the digital age smoothly. We introduced the Club to automation to help its staff work more efficiently and enable the club to thrive. Our responsibility is to demonstrate how technology is the backbone to organisational success, resilience, and longevity.

“In today’s fast-paced world, many business owners would welcome 100 days back for their staff so they can focus on more strategic work. That’s the crux of our challenge and a pretty exciting one that we feel uniquely placed to deliver,” says Dodds.

Volkan Bilgic, Head of Digital Workspace, Ultima adds, “We’re confident of the value this challenge can bring. For example, by using our own IA-Connect tool, we saved one healthcare provider 600 hours a month and regularly save corporate enterprises up to 150 hours per month across thousands of different processes in HR, finance, and data input areas. And that’s just the start. Any business leader can benefit.”

If you are a business leader who wants to take the five-minute 100 Day Challenge,

About Ultima
Ultima is a new generation AI-powered cloud, security, and digital managed service provider. Our mission is to guide our corporate and public sector clients into the technological future, delivering resilience and reputational health to increase competitive advantage and speed of innovation. Our world-class managed services, specialists, and experts across cloud, security, and digital applications combine with global 24/7 full-stack support; multi-cloud service, and automation tools for successful outcomes and peace of mind. We have unrivalled partnerships and the highest level of accreditations with the biggest tech companies in the world.

Ultima’s association with the Cheltenham Festival and sponsorship of the Festival Trophy Handicap Chase started in 2015. The race features on the opening day of the Cheltenham Festival. It’s a 3m 1F challenge which can be a real test of stamina. As a result, the race often features past and future Grand National runners. Now known as the Ultima Handicap Chase, our long-standing partnership is built around a common drive for excellence, integrity, passion, and performance that accepts nothing less than extraordinary.

Ultima founder Max McNeill is a committed supporter of jump racing in the UK and has been stable sponsor of Alan King racing since 2010. Twitter: UltimaBusiness