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Today, the internationally renowned grassroots community Global Tech Advocates has announced the launch of Tech Australia Advocates (TAA) as its 35th group and its first in the Oceania region.

The group launches at SouthStart, a national festival of Innovation, Imagination and Impact in Adelaide, away from the two traditional key tech hubs of Sydney and Melbourne.

TAA will be co-led by Dickie Currer and Claire Bull. Claire has worked extensively with tech businesses from Singapore, Korea, UK, US and UAE helping them to expand into new international markets and will bring this experience into her role at TAA.

Dickie has been an instrumental figure in connecting the country’s fragmented regional ecosystems and is an advocate for internationalising Australia’s innovation economy, so that it can compete with the global market leaders.

Both co-leads are in the process of recruiting a team of regional leads to help bring together Australia’s state-based ecosystems, and create a cohesive group that links the entire country.

A key focus for TAA is to be a national voice in the ecosystem, along with building connections outside of the country for founders to have pathways to scale and grow internationally.

The Australian Federal Government has set a target of 1.2 million technology-related jobs by 2030, and TAA will have an important role to play in ensuring skilled individuals have access to these new opportunities.

Tech Australia Advocates will expand upon the unique international reach of the Global Tech Advocates community and establish new connections with the GTA groups that are present across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas.

Russ Shaw CBE, Founder, Global Tech Advocates comments: “The launch of the very first Global Tech Advocates network in the Oceania region is a milestone launch for our community. I have great belief in Dickie and Claire to lead Tech Australia Advocates, our 35th GTA group, and provide a convening voice to advocate for a huge network of tech professionals and help to address the sector’s challenges. TAA will be instrumental in ensuring skilled individuals have access to exciting new opportunities in Australia, a particularly important mission given the government’s prioritisation of the tech sector as a key potential driver of growth.”

Dickie Currer, Co-lead, Tech Australia Advocates, comments: “It’s a real honour to co-lead TAA with Claire – we both care deeply about elevating Australia’s tech & innovation ecosystem on the world stage. With Australia’s tech sector made up of several regional-based ecosystems due to geographical factors, there’s a real need for a national level organisation to help companies build connections outside of their state and beyond to scale and grow – we want TAA to be that convening force.”