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Sasha ApS is Revealing the Potential of Danish World Patented Invention That Can Stop Online Image Abuse for Good

ODENSE, Denmark–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sasha ApS, a Danish startup specializing in image protection technology, announces its event “Revealing the Potential” to mark the International Day of Conscience. Scheduled for April 5 in the historic city of Odense, Denmark, the event aims to raise awareness and foster discussions on combating online image abuse, coinciding with the recent implementation of the EU’s Digital Services Act.

Featuring engaging sessions, technology demonstrations, and insightful discussions led by Sasha ApS’s Founder & CEO, Thomas Eriksson, and his team, attendees will explore the future of digital rights protection through keynote speeches and panel discussions with digital rights experts, survivors, and legal professionals.

“We invite individuals, organizations, and media representatives to join us in this important conversation and witness firsthand the innovative solutions we have developed to protect digital rights,” Thomas Eriksson, CEO & Founder.

The event will conclude with a housewarming session and Sasha will provide snacks, food, and drinks throughout the event.

A technological breakthrough

Sasha’s groundbreaking technology can protect images without viewing or storing them, ensuring complete privacy for users and compliance with GDPR standards for data security. The technology will be able to operate on individual devices, such as a mobile phone, allowing images to be protected without ever leaving the device.

“We combine state of the art technologies in a unique way that enables us to prove original ownership and identify the source of unauthorized sharing, even if the image is manipulated. Our system can even recognize the image again without needing the original photo, ensuring complete privacy for the user,” says Maziar Zamani, CTO of the Danish startup.