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How responding to every call helps your MSP company grow.

MSPs are in a unique position in 2024. In the UK alone, the MSP sector consists of an estimated 11,492 active providers and generates an annual combined revenue of £52.6 billion. That means there are plenty of opportunities for MSPs. But with that comes increased competition and a host of challenges.

The biggest challenge facing MSPs today

Maintaining call standards around the clock is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Based on AnswerConnect internal call data, roughly 44% of calls come outside business hours.

AnswerConnect commissioned Arlington Research to conduct an international survey into the phone habits of business professionals across a range of industries, including the IT/MSP industry.

The results contained plenty of surprises. For instance, businesses struggle to answer calls not just outside of working hours, but also during office hours. 61% of IT professionals say it’s common for callers to wait over five minutes before getting a response. Simultaneously, 65% say their callers hang up if their call isn’t answered within five minutes.

Those missed calls can cost you dearly.

What does a missed call cost?

The same Arlington research survey found that IT providers miss an average of 25% of calls to their business.

But what does that mean in terms of revenue?

On average, 45.7% of sales are made by phone. Combined with the average single transaction value of £8,732.2, that means IT companies could be missing out on £1,281,450 in additional revenue every year.

Not every call will be for a new client. But missing calls from existing clients can be just as damaging. Maintaining their trust is imperative to your continued success.

Those clients greatly prefer human-to-human interactions like phone calls (62%), email (46%), and chat (37%) to self-service (14%) or bots (13%) when dealing with issues. And if they don’t receive an answer, 75% report being ‘highly annoyed’.

The benefits of answering every call.

Win more leads.

Growing your MSP business starts with capturing new leads. But in order to capture those leads, you need to be available when they reach out. 

Increased customer loyalty.

It’s no secret that clients who receive high standards of customer support are more likely to stay with you than those who don’t. Part of delivering great service is by being available when your clients need you the most.

69% of callers sent directly to voicemail don’t leave messages. This rises to 84% for those aged between 20-29.

Improved operational efficiency.

Missed calls can significantly disrupt your day-to-day operations, from cross-departmental miscommunications to missed appointments to inefficiently coordinated projects.

Answering every call doesn’t just mean bagging more sales opportunities and protecting your reputation. It also means better internal communication. That relieves pressure on your team and gives them more time to focus on maintaining high standards.

More time for tickets

The average UK engineer’s salary is £30,375, while receptionists and customer service agents tend to cost significantly less. Asking your engineers to spend time fielding calls instead of working on tickets isn’t just an inefficient use of time, it’s an inefficient use of your resources too.

With your engineers freed from the pressure of answering calls, they can spend more time resolving tickets. That means faster resolution times, less time pressure on your engineers and a better experience for your clients.

How to answer more calls to your MSP business

It’s easy enough to tell you why you need to answer every call. But understanding how to answer every call is a different challenge entirely. Below, we’ve listed the two most typical solutions to start answering all your calls.

Option #1: Expand your customer service team

Of course, you could hire more people to help answer those calls. And hiring in-house comes with several benefits. Your in-house team will build up a deep knowledge of your services and (hopefully) get to know your clients. This helps establish trust and makes the transfer of information easier. 

Plus, you can update and adjust an in-house team’s processes easily, meaning you can easily introduce scripts for new services and products.

However, for many MSPs, the cost of expanding their customer service team is unjustifiably high. Besides the cost of advertising, training and hiring new customer service agents, you’ll need to hire additional managers and expand your digital infrastructure. 

Which leads us to the next solution.

Option #2: Outsource your customer service

Consider an IT answering service to field calls for you. Not only will this increase your client intake capacity, but it will also ensure existing customers receive a response when they reach out. In an industry where trust is based on consistency of service, the most reliable MSP business wins.

By outsourcing your customer service, you can build that reliability into your brand and strengthen brand loyalty. Not only that but outsourcing your call answering enables you to scale your support capacity according to need. You can upgrade or downgrade your account each month to respond to changing demand. Best of all, you can do away with all the time-intensive tasks of hiring in-house. And it means you’re not faced with the ultimate predicament of how to let staff go when demand dries up.

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