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Universities across the United Kingdom choose Extreme Networks to modernise campus infrastructure, increase student engagement

Extreme solutions help higher ed institutions deliver modern curricula,
optimise IT operations and future-proof university infrastructure

March 27, 2024 – Universities across the United Kingdom that need to deliver a modernised education for students, support existing and future in-classroom technology and deliver hybrid courses on-demand continue to trust Extreme Networks, Inc. to deliver secure, flexible and scalable network solutions. London South Bank University, Leeds Beckett University and Bangor University have all selected Extreme to help them increase student engagement, deliver a digital learning experience and optimise IT operations by leveraging a reliable, high-bandwidth, scalable wireless network.

To meet student expectations, deliver coursework that will prepare students for future technology-based careers and increase both student recruitment and retention, academic institutions need a network that can support everything from hybrid learning environments and modern lab facilities to digital twin environments for student training and AI applications.

Customer Highlights

• Secure, self-serve student connectivity: With a strong focus on accessibility and inclusivity, London South Bank University (LSBU) chose Extreme to deploy a self-onboarding solution for residence halls, allowing students to seamlessly connect devices, while facilitating secure access to educational services and platforms. LSBU uses ExtremeCloud™ IQ and Extreme’s Wi-Fi access points to deliver high-speed connectivity as well as centralise network management, ensuring that students can access online resources, coursework and communications anywhere on campus.

• Future-proof infrastructure for long-term growth: Leeds Beckett University (LBU) needed a new network to support evolving student needs and increasing demands for in-classroom technology. Partnering with Extreme, LBU upgraded to a Fabric-enabled Wi-Fi network that will enable it to establish a foundation for long-term growth. Its new network provides the security, scalability and bandwidth needed to support student population growth and modern course programmes that rely heavily on online resources and emerging technologies like AR/VR. Network Fabric also simplifies network management for the IT team, so that they can easily monitor network activity and scale services for students as LBU continues to expand.

• High-performance Wi-Fi supporting seamless learning experiences: Bangor University has continued to enhance its wireless network across its Wales campus by deploying Extreme’s Wi-Fi access points to scale and secure high-bandwidth connectivity. The new network will continue to deliver reliable performance for the entire student population and ensure there are no user interruptions while accessing courses and services. It will also easily handle the ever-increasing load of media-rich content and devices and allow students to access educational systems and stream videos without delay from anywhere on campus.

Executive perspectives

Alexander Denley, Director of Innovation & Transformation, London South Bank University
“Extreme helped us reinvent our network to create a community-driven university that goes beyond traditional education, focusing on inclusivity for students with diverse needs. Optimising our network for accessibility and tailoring it to diverse learning styles has enabled seamless access to adaptive learning materials, virtual tutoring and other personalised digital support services, accommodating a spectrum of requirements and paces to ensure a more inclusive educational experience. Extreme’s willingness to work with us to develop specific solutions, such as a new self-onboarding system for our residence halls, has significantly simplified student network access and helped us better meet their needs.”

Dr Robert Moore, Head of Service Governance, Leeds Beckett University
“Our network infrastructure forms the backbone of our operations and the core to our overall service delivery. But like many educational establishments, the pressure and demands on it are increasing significantly. Thanks to Extreme’s solutions, we are not only realising new levels of reliability and improved performance today but creating a foundation for future success and scale.”

Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Extreme Networks
“The university campus is a microcosm of every industry and often an early adopter of new technologies, devices and applications – beyond educational needs, universities support everything from smart buildings, complex labs and large venues to emergency services, retail spaces and hospitality and dining services. The network is at the heart of all of this, operated and automated from the cloud and powered by ML and AI, with every device relying on secure and high-bandwidth connectivity to function. Extreme’s solutions enable universities to offer students and staff modern experiences supported by cutting-edge coursework that prepares students for their future careers and could even be the deciding measure in what school a student chooses to attend.”

Did You Know?
• Extreme delivers simple, flexible and scalable solutions to colleges and universities worldwide, enabling them to build a foundation for modern learning programmes and simplify operations for IT teams of all sizes.
• Customers across industries rely on Extreme Fabric to increase network security through hyper-segmentation, which enables customers to separate network traffic and minimise the potential blast radius of a lateral attack. Click here to learn more about how customers are leveraging Extreme’s solutions to drive better outcomes.

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