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How Slingo reinvents two gaming classics

You’ve heard of Slots. You’ve heard of Bingo. But do you know about Slingo?

This fusion game takes the best parts of two gaming classics and merges them together to create an entirely new experience. It’s a switch up that has been taking the world by storm, with many now choosing to play Slingo online.

But how does it do it? And why is this combination of Slots and Bingo so popular with players today?

The best of both worlds

At first glance, Slots and Bingo don’t seem like the most obvious combination of games. They’re both very different in many ways, after all.

But that didn’t stop Sal Falciglia from coming up with a winning formula in the late 90s. Initially planned as a TV game, Slingo takes key elements of both games to forge something new but familiar.

Just like Bingo, players have a 5×5 grid filled with numbers they need to mark off. Rather than having numbers pulled out of a ball hopper, though, they come from a line of reels below the grid.

A player generates five numbers at a time by spinning the reels, marking off any that match the grid. If a full vertical, horizontal or diagonal line gets marked off then that’s a win.

Crossing off all twenty-five numbers gives you a full house and that’s Slingo in a nut-shell.

What makes Slingo so popular?

To put it simply, Slingo is a fresh twist on two games that people are already familiar with. That makes it both recognisable but a new experience at the same time.

If you’ve ever played a game of Bingo before then it wouldn’t take you long to get to grips with the basics of Slingo – they’re pretty much the same!

But, by livening up the old formula with the addition of the slot reels, Slingo is able to reinvigorate it for the players who might be getting a little tired of the same old games.

Plus, the game puts an extra spin on things with the addition of some special symbols you wouldn’t see on a Bingo board.

Jokers allow players to mark off any number in the column above the reel it appeared on, saving the need to wait for a number that’s being slow to show up.

On the other hand, some Slingo games also include Devils that block the number on their reel for a spin and reduce the chances of a full house.

Themed Slingo games often add extra elements of their own to vary up the gameplay even further, such as adding other special symbols or additional spins.

Even for those who aren’t as familiar with playing classic Bingo, Slingo is still a game that’s simple to learn the ins and outs of.

When it comes to creating something fresh out of some of the most popular classic games, you can’t deny that Slingo is a real success story. And, chances are, this fusion game is only going to continue innovating in the future.