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Vawlt 3.0 is here! Heralding a new era for long-term supercloud-backed storage

Elevating next-gen Supercloud Storage with ransomware mitigation and empowering tools for Channel Partners

Lisbon, Portugal, April 4, 2024: Vawlt, the visionary start-up in the global long-term data storage market, today announced Vawlt 3.0, a major upgrade of its unique Supercloud Solution. The scale of change in this new version transcends traditional upgrades. This comprehensive overhaul fine-tunes every aspect of the solution to meet organizations’ escalating demands for data protection, cybersecurity, and operational efficiency in a rapidly changing, hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem.

Alexandre Antunes, Pre-Sales Manager at NOS, a Vawlt Partner:

“Vawlt has been a driving force in reshaping the long-term storage market with its supercloud solutions. Witnessing the new Vawlt 3.0, it’s far beyond a mere update – it’s a revolution in Vawlt’s offering. Our team can’t wait to get their hands on the new version, as it will equip us with an even more powerful toolkit to provide enhanced value to our customers in crucial areas like data protection, cybersecurity, and multi-cloud efficiency.”

With a focus on the needs of today’s security and cost-conscious organizations, Vawlt 3.0 adds significant innovative features. These build on best-in-class cyber threat protection measures, efficiency, and optimisation of data movement, as well as system health and performance monitoring. In addition, Vawlt 3.0 tackles the complex challenges faced by Channel Partners seeking added value in a rapidly changing, hybrid multi-cloud world:

Advanced Ransomware Protection

Built-in, out-of-the-box through the introduction of Frictionless, Policy-Based Immutability for filesystem and S3-API, and Continuous Snapshotting to allow system-wide data rollbacks to any specified point in time based on individual customers configurations

New Channel Partner-Focused Features

Equipping IT channel players like MSPs, VARs, or Integrators with Operational Support Tools to streamline their operations and to improve their service support, as well as tools for fueling overall Business Development effectively

Brand-new, built-from-scratch, Web-Based User Interface for Data-plane Software Agent

Intuitive for configuration, packed with monitoring tools that simplify the most complex data management tasks

Ricardo Mendes, CEO, Vawlt:

“With Vawlt 3.0 we are catalysing a transformation in the data storage market in a hybrid multi-cloud world. Vawlt 3.0 is not simply a re-invention of our solution but, much more than that, the latest release signposts the innovations we will continue to deliver. Our goal is to equip organisations with the means to assert their data sovereignty and data independence. We are also committed to empower our channel partners as they are key to the success of developments in data sovereignty and data independence.”

Vawlt first launched its Dynamic Storage Platform in 2020. The product is focused on enabling companies to enjoy powerful, public cloud-scale, operational resilience paired with simplified configuration and transparent cloud management. Since its launch, Vawlt has consistently led the charge in global Supercloud Storage innovations. Vawlt’s approach redefines how businesses approach long-term, distributed data storage, offering unrivalled data security, efficiency, and the means for true, operational data sovereignty, along with long-term, independent data storage strategies. Success stories across various industries underscore Vawlt’s role in enhancing modern data management strategies. For enterprises that focus on consistent innovation, Vawlt offers the vision and the technology to help elevate their businesses.

Set to launch Vawlt 3.0 on April 4th, Vawlt is gearing up for a series of activities designed to familiarise customers with its latest solution, use cases, new features and myriad of benefits.These initiatives will provide in-depth insights into how Vawlt can powerfully transform data management strategies, ensuring users are well-equipped to leverage all the advantages of Vawlt 3.0.

About Vawlt Technologies, SA

Vawlt is a visionary start-up with a unique, long-term supercloud (cloud-of-clouds) distributed storage solution that offers unmatched levels of privacy, security, and availability. Easy to use, secure and resilient by default, Vawlt’s solution enables companies to choose the best-of-breed from multiple storage environments: from public to private clouds to on-premises, all while simplifying processes, optimizing costs, and improving control over data. Vawlt puts companies in the driving seat over sovereignty, scalable storage volumes, and cost efficiency.