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From Speed Hacks to Aimbots: The Comical Reality of Cheating in Smite

Smite is one of the longest-running MOBA games out there, so it might be surprising there’s very little cheating. In fact, most cheaters in Smite are so stupidly obvious it’s comical, revealing that Smite might be one of the best anti-cheat systems itself. The vigilant community in both ranked and casual modes certainly contributes to the cheating atmosphere. Most players will even make a joke out of it when they find people cheating, pointing out to others how comical it is. 

What is Smite?

One of the premiere MOBA games, Smite took a place in the early 2010s beside League of Legends and DOTA 2. They were some of the first to focus on the massive online battle arenas that got far too competitive and far too toxic. That said, Smite kind of toned down the toxicity of League into a much more tolerable amount, focusing more on fun gameplay and custom-style matches than the competitive aspect of it. Players would pick one of many gods or creatures from legends and lore to fight it out in huge battles, whether it be a team-based game or free-for-all all. 

The game became massive too, even managing to get some huge crossovers with big names. Most notably with the band Slipknot, the Ninja Turtles, and even Avatar: The Last Airbender all contributing special skins and abilities to the game. It might be one of the craziest crossovers in games outside of Fortnite, with the developers always working to bring in new, exciting properties that mesh well. The game has developed a small esports following as well, with official tournaments and cash prizes being common. Most recently though, Smite 2 was announced and it seems all hell has broken loose in the original game.

Cheaters in Smite

According to a consensus of players on Reddit, cheating has been out of control recently. Hackers seem to be popping up in a much more frequent amount than previously. Theories from users are that either in the recent months hacks have become more widely available, or that people just don’t care now. Perhaps there’s a push to do whatever can be done in Smite before the second game releases, or some hackers just made it through the code. Whatever the reason, the cheaters have been a lot more active, and unfortunately, a lot more obvious in most games they play.

Redditors shared plenty of stories about the insane encounters they’ve had, from aimbots taking out everyone to speed hacks running circles. Others have spoken about encountering players with auto-health hacks, restoring them to full every time they go under thirty health points. Meanwhile, other players will get a perfect shot from across the map with one well-aimed move, taking out anyone with one hit no matter their defenses. The speed hacks and floating are the most common though, allowing players to more easily traverse the maps and escape from enemy attacks. Thankfully these are easy to catch, and the community is really good about reporting any cheaters they find. 

How Smite Deals With Cheaters

As is typical of most MOBA games, Smite can get a little heated if someone thinks another player is cheating. Thankfully it’s a lot easier to see here, with speed hacks and aimbots often causing massive rubber banding for characters. Odds are if someone goes flying by while getting a perfect shot in, they’re using some kind of aimbot or even a radar cheat. It’s impossible to know exactly what’s being used, but players can definitely tell that they’re being cheated. So, most of the game will often team up to either massively gank the player, or just report them to the devs. Surprisingly, unlike a lot of other games, the devs take a pretty proactive approach to banning cheaters.

It’s almost funny how rampant it is now though, with some players noticing even worse hacks. Some have noticed that when playing with obvious hackers, their abilities won’t activate when pressed. Sometimes it won’t activate at all, but others have noted it simply experiences a delay that causes them to miss the opponent. It’s one of the more frustrating cheats that people have dealt with in Smite, and no doubt leading to the upgrades happening in Smite 2. The developers are taking cheating very seriously in the second game, and it’s going to see a major crackdown. 

Until then, players have resolved to just use cheaters as their own personal clowns, making fun of how ridiculous they look. Most of them aren’t even cheating in ranked modes apparently, despite a pretty lucrative account selling scene currently thriving.

Getting Smite Cheats

Naturally, we won’t say that people won’t find their way around the anti-cheat systems implemented in both Smite and the sequel. There’s plenty the developers will need to do to stay on top of things with the game, especially when it comes to evolving hacks. Being a primarily PC-focused game, it’s one of the biggest targets for them, especially considering how easy it is to get cheats for any game these days. Sites like VeteranCheats outright sell entire cheat suites, allowing players to take advantage of multiple at a time. Even better, they’re guaranteed to bypass any anti-cheat, and that goes for any game they have. 

For those that do choose to check it out for Smite or otherwise, just know that using the cheats is at your own risk. They can bypass the anti-cheat system, but in games like Smite, it’s pretty obvious who isn’t playing fair. Just remember how comically most characters will fly across the map with even the slightest speed hack. That’s about what you can expect when using any hacks in Smite, but thankfully the other games are much more subtle. With time though, we’ll see how Smite 2 manages to bypass the comical amount of cheating, hopefully with a much better filter. 

Smite’s Next Updates

With a constant slew of updates and crossovers, Smite is constantly evolving. Although the original game might not lose support immediately, it is going to slow down after the second comes out. So, for anyone playing, just keep an eye out for more cheaters as devs are winding down working on the older entry. Now it’s time to get ready for Smite 2, and the best way to do that is by ensuring no cheaters ruin the fun for others.

The comical reality of cheating in Smite might not be as bad as in other games, but for anyone on the receiving end, it’s a pain. Most will just laugh it off, but for beginning players, it can be a major turnoff. The next thing that Smite does to change up its anti-cheat needs to be big, especially if it plans to discourage any future cheaters.