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Datagate, HaloPSA, and AT&T Partner Exchange Innovate to Transform Telecom Service Delivery, Management and Billing for MSPs

Datagate, the leading telecom billing solution, has joined forces with HaloPSA, the premier end-to-end Professional Service Automation (PSA) platform, and AT&T Partner Exchange, the reseller program designed for Service Providers, to lower the barrier to entry for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) looking to expand their revenue streams through telecommunications.

This collaboration was celebrated at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, marking a significant milestone in the telecommunications and MSP sectors. The innovative combination enables MSPs to leverage a seamless quote-to-cash billing and PSA environment capable of handling a diverse range of services from telecommunications to IT services, data circuits, co-location, internet services, and more.

Quoting and billing of telecom services is possible directly from HaloPSA, significantly simplifying the resale process. For the first time, MSPs can look up real-time available AT&T services and pricing by customer zip code directly within HaloPSA’s quoting tools. This integration enables the wrapping of broader managed services around AT&T’s offerings, which can then be seamlessly sent to clients for approval.

Once services are approved, the Datagate integration takes over, automatically calculating all telecom usage charges and incurred federal, state, and local taxes and surcharges for the end client. These are then pushed back into HaloPSA to deliver a comprehensive single invoice at the end of each billing period. MSPs can now focus on expanding their offerings and growing their business with the confidence that their billing and service management needs are fully supported.

“For MSPs looking to sell telecom services to their customers, this milestone is a game-changer,” says Mark Loveys, CEO of Datagate. “It opens the door to expanding service portfolios, boosting top-line revenue and profitability, and gaining an edge in client meetings with the backing of the US’s leading mobile network provider.”

“This is the first instance where MSPs can offer telecom services through a PSA platform while handling the billing all under one roof. This is a major breakthrough that will allow an MSP to offer a fully bundled solution to their customers, including AT&T Internet Services,” stated Jeff Zimmerman, AT&T Business Development Manager.

“This partnership marks a new level of integration never achieved before with a PSA system for MSPs. MSP’s that aren’t already selling telecoms today, this milestone now means you can easily pick up telecoms to add to your wider portfolio of services – to make your business more profitable and enable you to walk into client meetings with the US’s biggest logo in mobile networks behind you,” says Tim Barton-Wines, Executive, HaloPSA.

This innovation also signifies a milestone in PSA system integration for MSPs, offering an unparalleled opportunity to enhance service offerings and streamline operational processes while setting a new standard for efficiency and ease of use.

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Datagate is the leading integrated telecom billing solution for MSPs, designed to optimize revenue through efficient and accurate billing processes for a wide variety of telecom services.

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