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Deltek Launches AI-Powered Intelligent Business Companion, Deltek Dela, to Revolutionise Project Delivery

Deltek, the leading global provider of software and solution for project-based businesses, today launched its AI-powered intelligent business companion, Deltek Dela. This new umbrella of AI capabilities is available in many products across the Deltek solution suite, making it easy for users to access business intelligence, get assistance, and apply automation, to increase the efficiency of project delivery.

The solutions within Dela transform project success by enhancing productivity, accuracy and value across the entire project lifecycle. Through intuitive voice or text commands, the intelligent business companion can generate smart content, quickly retrieving information, performing tasks, and assisting knowledge sharing. Dela can also leverage large volumes of rich information to provide vital insights and predict project success based on project and organisational performance data. One step further, leveraging past behaviours and patterns, Dela can automate processes and inform decisions on everything from resourcing needs to project staffing. In turn, project-based businesses benefit from cost savings that make projects more profitable.

The launch comes ahead of Deltek Project Nation Live, and as research conducted by Deltek due to be published later this month reveals the importance of AI in the project lifecycle. The Clarity 2024: Trends & Insights for Architecture, Engineering and Consulting Firms report finds that 67% of firms expect to lose market share within two years if they fail to make significant digital transformation, and AI is seen as a key solution. Two-thirds (74%) of firms are confident that investing in AI will expand the services that they can deliver to the market, and 41% believe that successful AI implementation will increase profits.

As a result, around three-quarters of firms believe that investing in and successfully implementing AI in 2024 will give them a significant competitive advantage (74%) and improve their staff’s job satisfaction (72%), vital benefits in a year where over eight in 10 (84%) firms expect to increase profits.

One way Deltek is helping its customers realise these ambitions is by launching Dela, to help transform project success. Engaging with users through natural language interactions and prompts, Dela builds on Deltek’s existing generative AI-powered Smart SummariesTM. Equipping project managers with intelligent predictions and automation capabilities, Dela guides future decisions by leveraging past behaviours to anticipate resource needs, streamlining project staffing, and predicting project success.

Bret Tushaus, Vice President of Product Strategy at Deltek comments: “At Deltek, we’re committed to making the project lifecycle smarter and know that project-based businesses need a trusted partner that is not only innovative for the sake of innovation but supports them to transform their business. We created Dela to meet this business need, providing project-based businesses with the technology needed to launch new services, increase staff engagement and ultimately, boost profits. Today, we’re thrilled to launch Dela, an integral part of Deltek’s industry-leading suite of solutions, providing intelligent prediction and automation capabilities – it’s like a having a crystal ball for project management.”

Trust and security have remained vital throughout Dela’s development, with Deltek continuously working with its generative AI partners to ensure customer data is not used to train large language models (LLMs). Customers have the option of whether to opt into using Dela’s features.