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Meysan Partners onboards clients eight times faster with First AML

London, UK; 17th April 2024: Meysan Partners, an international law firm, has significantly accelerated its onboarding process and unified the process across all its jurisdictions through its adoption of anti-money laundering scaleup First AML.

Meysan Partners brings together leading legal professionals from the Middle East and the United Kingdom with a core focus on delivering exceptional outcomes in deals and disputes. The firm needed a solution capable of information and document gathering, risk assessments, screening, ongoing monitoring, and record-keeping.

The adoption of First AML has dramatically accelerated client onboarding, reducing the process from hours to 30 minutes, showcasing an 8x increase in efficiency. This enhancement has been pivotal for Meysan Partners, particularly in light of its expansion with the opening of the London office, a milestone in bridging Gulf Cooperation Council legal expertise with the UK market.

Before adopting First AML, it had operated with a fragmented system and manual workflows, and needed a solution that could easily integrate with its practice management system.

First AML’s platform, featuring corporate structure visualisation and bespoke risk assessments tools, empowers Meysan Partners to standardise and streamline AML risk approaches across all jurisdictions. This integration has been particularly crucial in addressing the unique KYC challenges in the Gulf region, where the absence of comprehensive public registers makes certified document collection vital.

Ghassan Badran, MLRO at Meysan Partners, commented: “Our decision to engage with First AML was influenced by our founders’ standard of meticulous customer due diligence and the inquiries from our international clientele regarding our compliance program’s policies and procedures. They sought to collaborate with a reputable firm as they expanded their operations. Finding a platform that caters to our specific needs had been a notable challenge. However, First AML has been different from other AML providers we’ve encountered, significantly boosting our operational efficiency.”

Bion Behdin, co-founder and CRO at First AML, added: “Meysan Partners undoubtedly recognises the importance and value of a streamlined and efficient AML process. Improved education on CDD and KYC is crucial in the Gulf region for both end-users and regulated entities. We are proud to be pioneering compliance in the region alongside Meysan Partners, and with the peace of mind provided by our solution, it can now devote more time to other value-adding tasks.”