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Silobreaker introduces AI-enhanced collection and alerting for SEC 8-K cybersecurity incident filings

Newly added data source and expanded intelligence empowers users with timely insight into key cybersecurity incident filings.

Silobreaker, a leading security and threat intelligence technology company based in London, UK, has announced the addition of automatic collection, AI-enhanced analysis, and alerting on 8-K cybersecurity incident filings made to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This enhancement to the Silobreaker platform empowers organisations to stay informed about critical cybersecurity incidents affecting US companies.

SEC 8-K Item 1.05 mandates that publicly traded companies in the US must disclose ‘material cybersecurity incidents’ within 4 business days of the event. Although designed to enhance investor awareness, SEC 8-K filings provide detailed information on cybersecurity incidents that can also alert organisations outside the US to potential risks that may impact their own operations.

The newly integrated feature offers users access to crucial information on breaches, compromises and the status and outcome of investigations into cybersecurity incidents at US companies. Silobreaker users can now easily access detailed descriptions of the cyber incidents disclosed, including amendments, and track subsequent actions taken by the affected companies. To save analysts additional time, Silobreaker applies AI-powered analytics to quickly surface the type of incident and actors involved, current remediation status, and any expected impact on the victim company.

Coupled with Standard Industry Classification (SIC) extraction for each filing, Silobreaker’s SEC 1.05 collection offers a streamlined and user-friendly alternative to conducting time-consuming manual searches on the EDGAR site where SEC forms are hosted.

“Silobreaker is committed to empowering our users to produce the most comprehensive and timely intelligence available,” said Kristofer Mansson, CEO of Silobreaker. “A cyber incident impacting a US company can have cascading effects on companies worldwide. This latest data source together with AI-enhanced innovation unlocks a critical new layer of third-party risk intelligence. By harnessing valuable SEC 8-K data, Silobreaker users can now gain unrivalled visibility into the threats that truly matter.”