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Making Science launches ad-machina for PMax, the groundbreaking generative AI technology that powers marketing campaigns

  • Having recorded 30% higher conversions compared to other conventional methods, ad-machina arrives on the Performance Max platform.
  • Artificial Intelligence allows brands to adapt ads in real time, adding value to the profitability and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

London, UK, April 30, 2024 – Making Science, a leading global digital transformation company, has announced the launch of ad-machina for Performance Max (PMax). This innovative generative AI technology comes to PMax with the goal of optimising digital marketing campaigns for its user companies. Thus, this innovative solution, which has already recorded 30% more conversions compared to other conventional methods, opens for the first time on this platform.

This new tool, which is already available for Search campaigns, stands out for its added value in both the profitability and effectiveness of paid media strategies for companies. Its technology stands out for its high automation capabilities in the creation of assets. Eduardo Saciat, Managing Director of ad-machina at Making Science adds: “Integrating our technology with PMax, will allow ad-machina to take advantage of its generative AI to automate the creation of multilingual copy, images and captivating videos for its users’ campaigns”.

Thus, its AI allows brands to adapt their ads in real time, based on business information, offers or market data, something previously unattainable in large product catalogues. A milestone that provides companies with better exposure of their brands in record time.

In addition, ad-machina personalises product category targeting based on search terms and results, providing PMax with specific signals aimed at improving campaign efficiency. All of this is supported by continuous learning, thanks to AI, applied to the creation and removal of assets, as well as the creation of personalised audiences.

“In a highly competitive and ever-changing environment, brands are challenged to automate their campaigns and maximise their performance while maintaining profitability and control over their investment. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we have achieved unprecedented personalisation and optimisation in their paid media campaigns, and with ad-machina’s technology, companies will be able to address these critical needs and achieve marketing objectives with greater precision and efficiency,” said Saciat.

“With the incorporation of ad-machina in PMax we want to continue providing value to our partners with solutions based on proprietary and third-party technologies adapted to the unique needs of each company in the areas of generative AI, predictive AI and automation. Something that we promote from our Artificial Intelligence and SaaS business line” adds Jorge Alonso, COO of Making Science.

About Making Science

Making Science is a digital acceleration company that currently has more than 1200 employees and a presence and technological development in 15 markets: Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Georgia and USA. As a consulting partner of Local Planet, the world’s largest network of independent media agencies, Making Science offers digital marketing, Adtech and Martech, cloud technologies and software, and cybersecurity services globally, through delivery hubs that drive job creation and the availability of highly skilled technology talent.

Making Science is comprised of 4 business lines: the Global Digital Agency with Technology, with 360 digital advertising services that integrate strategic planning, creative, data and technology; the Cloud, Software and Cybersecurity business, with cloud-based solutions that deploy data intelligence and a specialised cybersecurity team; the Artificial Intelligence and SaaS division, with more than 400 engineers and data scientists for the development of platforms and digital solutions with AI technology applied to marketing; and the Making Science Investment area, with Ventis and TMQ, as a line of business diversification and implementation of the capabilities of all areas of Making Science.

In addition, the company participates in various ESG initiatives, including the Climate Pledge, the United Nations Global Compact and the Pledge1% initiative, supporting non-profit organisations in its community with a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the future.