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Linnworks Transforms Operations Across Four Family Owned Marketplaces

For over a decade, Red Label Outlet has been a leading ecommerce brand, offering authentic designer beauty products at competitive prices. What began as a family run eBay venture selling fragrances has skyrocketed into an ecommerce powerhouse, culminating in the birth of four new ecommerce channels – House of Paints, Direct Retail Outlet and Red Label Health – a large customer base, and approximately £3 million in turnover.

The Challenge
With turnover soaring and customer demands escalating, Red Label Outlet faced the formidable challenge of managing these complex operations while growing sustainably. Managing inventory in multiple warehouses, streamlining fulfilment across various sales channels, and tracking inventory at scale can sometimes overshadow the excitement of growth.

Fulfilling over 700 orders daily within just a few months of inception, Apu Patel, CEO of Red Label Outlet, recognised the urgent need for sophisticated ecommerce software to streamline sales, inventory and order management. It was critical to ensure that customer and operational data were seamlessly integrated without disrupting the company’s day-to-day operations.

As the businesses’ inventory was being sold across multiple ecommerce channels including eBay and Amazon, meaning that Apu found managing inventory across multiple channels was the biggest headache to navigate. The prospect of overselling, risking cancellations and negative feedback loomed large. Linnworks allowed the business to list inventory across multiple platforms with the click of a button, thus saving time and increasing the efficiency of the staff.

Going for Growth
As part of the solution, Linnworks implemented modules for stock control automation, real-time stock visibility and predictive analytics. Over the course of several weeks, short-term solutions were devised to ensure minimal disruption, and training sessions were provided to effectively manage the migration from Excel, which was no longer fit for purpose.

As Red Label Outlet embraced the Linnworks platform, the benefits were clear, allowing the business to have access to hundreds of global marketplaces, D2C platforms, shipping providers and 3PLs, meaning that the company was able to gain access to many of their key target marketplaces such as B&Q, The Range and Debenhams instantly. Apu remarked, “We’re already having conversations with B&Q for House of Paints about being listed on its website, something that would have been a real challenge to get through the door without the help of Linnworks.”

A Helping Hand
Linnworks is not just a solution; it’s a strategic asset that empowers businesses to thrive in the competitive ecommerce landscape. Wth the Linnworks’ platform as a foundation and the business as an official partner, Apu founded Linnpoint in order to help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, quality assurance, and consultancy services. Today, Linnpoint is a preferred partner for many world-class enterprises, SMEs, and technology challengers.

Looking ahead
With Linnworks’ assistance, Red Label Outlet, House of Paints and Red Label Health have transformed their warehouse operations, enabling each brand to scale effectively and efficiently. Real-time tracking and automated order processing have translated into improved customer satisfaction, timely deliveries, and a notable growth in sales. With inventory control and warehouse operations seamlessly managed, the focus shifts to expanding product ranges and exploring new market opportunities.

By choosing Linnworks as its partner, employees of the four ecommerce brands now have the ability to process up to 700 orders daily with ease. Apu added: “Our needs have been correctly anticipated by Linnworks since day one – whether that’s expanding to other ecommerce marketplaces or providing the insight we need to ensure we’re maximising our use of the platform. In responding to our requests, they provide us with excellent customer service so we can minimise downtime in our operations.”

“For us, the adoption of Linnworks was both necessary and revolutionary, and has become an invaluable support system for our business, and, I hope this relationship continues to develop in the future”, Apu Patel concluded. As the relationship continues to evolve, the future holds boundless potential.