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Streamlabs Launches New Plugin for OBS Studio

LONDON, UK. — Streamlabs, the Logitech-owned leading provider of live streaming tools, today launched an all-new plugin to integrate Streamlabs capabilities into OBS Studio. This plugin allows OBS streamers to efficiently utilise Streamlabs’ most essential features. These features help all streamers—from new to experienced—create immersive and entertaining live-streaming experiences for their audiences, all powered by a streamlined workflow.

The Streamlabs team built this new plugin while seeking guidance and insights from the OBS team. This ensured that OBS Studio users could fully take advantage of the critical features needed to elevate their streams, extend their reach, and increase real-time audience engagement without leaving OBS Studio.

“Streaming is all about the power of community, and this belief has inspired the release of our new plugin for OBS. By breaking down the barriers between our unique solutions, we can help streamers achieve the best possible go-live experience,” said Ashray Urs, head of product at Streamlabs. “Empowering creators with streamlined solutions that allow them to access the tools and support they need will ultimately push the industry forward, resulting in a better overall streaming experience for the streamer and their audience.

A key advantage of the plugin is its radical transformation of the go-live experience. It replaces a formerly cumbersome setup process to save creators time so they can focus on hosting entertaining streams. Previously, creators using Streamlabs and OBS to run their streams could spend hours configuring features from the two platforms together. With the new plugin, streamers can transition from setup to streaming in minutes, complete with enhanced visual components and audience interaction capabilities.

The plugin brings some of Streamlabs’ most popular game-changing features directly into the OBS system, including:

Widgets, Overlays: Users can customise the look and feel of a stream with access to thousands of professionally designed animated overlays, alerts, – –widget themes, and scene transitions. The plugin allows users to install overlays and widgets in one click and comes with essentials like Alert Box, Chat Box, and Event Lists.

Cloudbot: Streamers can connect to Streamlabs Cloudbot to enable giveaways, minigames, and much more. With various filter options, Cloudbot enables chat moderation to protect streams from chat abuse.

Tipping: Streamlabs users have amassed over $1 billion in tips on the platform to date. Now, OBS users can enjoy easier-than-ever tipping by directly connecting their PayPal or PayPal Plus accounts to the plugin.

Recent Events: This feature allows streamers to view their stream events in OBS to track and celebrate alongside their community when they receive new followers, tips, and subscribers.

Stream Labels: Stream Labels are text overlays that update in real time based on interactions with your viewers. Now you can migrate and set up Stream Labels in the plugin without opening additional browser windows or software.

Multistream: With Streamlabs Ultra, users can multistream within the plugin, allowing streamers to simultaneously extend their reach and stream to their favourite platforms.

“Many of our users rely on Streamlabs for their vast array of live streaming tools and features. Having those tools and streaming software all in one place is an incredible benefit to creators. We’re excited that the Streamlabs Plugin will bring that experience directly to OBS Studio. This new integration will help support new and veteran streamers and streamline the process of setting up and going live,” said Taylor Giampaolo, head of user experience at OBS. “This industry is constantly evolving, and creators depend on us to meet them where they are. We’re thrilled to see Streamlabs invest in our community and provide them with this unified experience.”

The Streamlabs OBS plugin is free to download and use, but a Streamlabs Ultra subscription is required for additional features like Multistream and premium overlays.