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Censys Launches the Censys Integrations Marketplace to Improve Security Teams Efficiency

Censys, the leading Internet Intelligence Platform for Threat Hunting and Attack Surface Management, today at the RSA Conference, announced the Censys Integrations Marketplace, which allows security teams to onboard any integration with any vendor, in the marketplace, in less than 15 minutes. The Censys Integrations Marketplace revolutionises the entire process, delivering a streamlined and automated security ecosystem in one place.

Security teams often struggle to secure their organisation as they are hindered by security tools operating in different environments, different data formats and integration requirements, leading to gaps, inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. This new approach simplifies and standardises enterprises’ security portfolios while enhancing the ability of security teams to quickly identify and respond to threats.

“A typical security stack has an estimated 60 to 80 solutions operating at once, which can lead to a lack of control, reduced visibility and ultimately, creates a risk to an organisation’s security infrastructure. The Censys Integrations Marketplace addresses these concerns by providing better visibility into threats and allows customers to deploy new solutions faster than ever before,” says Brad Brooks, CEO of Censys. “Censys was built on providing the security community the tools it needs to successfully identify and defend against even the most sophisticated threats, and the Censys Integrations Marketplace allows us to continue this support. Our customers now have a competitive advantage as this eliminates the challenges that often come with managing multiple disparate security tools and gives them direct access to all the tools they need to defend the cybersecurity landscape.”

The Censys Integrations Marketplace currently offers 14 tailored integrations with specific vendors, including both security and non-security solutions, making it the first marketplace to extend beyond the traditional security ecosystem. Supported by Censys’ Rapid Integrations program, customers will be able to request new integrations that can be added to the Marketplace in weeks. This streamlined approach enables quicker onboarding and allows customers to deploy and utilise the new integration within minutes.

Censys Integrations Marketplace will impact the industry’s market dynamics and resource utilisation. This launch comes shortly after the premiere of Censys, two product tiers of its industry-leading search tool, Censys Search Solo and Censys Search Teams and its Series C funding in 2023.