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FUCHS announces new Advanced Circular Technology, working towards sustainability goals

Today, FUCHS Group announces the launch of its new label, Advanced Circular Technologies (ACT); an overarching term for all technologies or materials that have been redesigned, based on renewable materials or recycling technologies.

Products that will be launched under the ACT umbrella today include, TITAN ATF (6009, 6008, 6006, 4400), TITAN CVTF FLEX, and FUCHS BluEV EDF 7005. It is anticipated that more products will be released once they have achieved the relevant industry qualifications.

This latest update to the company’s lubricants offering combines performance with sustainability, summing up everything FUCHS does to transform its value chain from linear to circular. It starts with raw materials, working all the way through manufacturing, the use of its solutions, and up to the end-of-life.

FUCHS now not only helps save CO2, enabling customers to perform more sustainably, but also provides improved performance through its circular solutions. ACT is driven by meticulous research and development, adding technical to environmental benefit in many cases.

ACT is not only focusing on our lubricants itself, but aims to embrace all activities and measures to foster the transition to a circular economy in the lubricants sector, including lubricant packaging. As early as 2021, with the launch of the new Automotive Core Bottle Design, our corporate small packages have been evolved to contained at least 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material – globally. Plus, the improved redesign helps use every last drop of lubricant. But to FUCHS, 30% is not enough, so the company is already working towards higher content of PCR-material and, ultimately, 100%.

Bastian Keller, Head of Global Product Management Automotive at FUCHS says; “We are launching ACT right now because FUCHS is planning to enter the future zero emission economy early: we aim to make the “end” of product life a new beginning, and want to become net zero carbon neutral by 2040. Our goal is to ensure customers can continue to rely on us without condition – now and in future. Although our industry has a long way to go on its journey to sustainability, at FUCHS we are both really excited and proud to be launching such an important new credential to give guidance to our customers – it’s a big step in the right direction for the future of automotive.”