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Vivitek Launches the D9000Z Series: With Market-Leading Brightness Revolutionising Large Venue Projection

Vivitek Launches the D9000Z Series: With Market-Leading Brightness Revolutionising Large Venue Projection

Vivitek – the visual display brand for all meeting spaces – announces the launch of the D9000Z Series, a groundbreaking line of single-chip DLP laser projectors engineered to redefine brilliance and innovation in large venue projection. Set to revolutionise projection in demanding environments, the D9000Z Series has been designed for seamless integration and control, offering unmatched operational features while setting a new benchmark for performance and versatility.

Optimised Performance tailored for Large Venues

Unrivaled Brightness: Engineered with the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of large venues – ranging from large auditoriums to outdoor venues and immersive mapping applications – the D9000Z Series delivers  up to 27,000 lumens of brightness. This ensures that the projectors provide the best balance of exceptional clarity and vivid colours, across a wide range of applications and environments. The D9000Z Series utilises the latest power supply technology and laser light source efficiency to reduce power consumption and, therefore, operational expenses.

Vivid Colour Reproduction:  Given Vivitek’s expertise in single-chip DLP laser light source design, where a blue laser – coupled with a high-performance colour wheel – is responsible for best colour reproduction, the D9000Z Series comes with an additional RED laser to boost the image experience to unmatched levels. This light source design expands the colour gamut, resulting in more vivid and lifelike images.

Multi-Functional Image Processing: The D9000Z Series incorporates a high-end IC with de-interlacing, scaling, warping and edge-blending functionality to minimise delays and therefore latency. In addition, it supports geometric adjustments like wall corner correction and linearity correction, pincushion and barrel as well as horizontal and vertical keystone correction. With the D9000Z Series, users can be confident that visuals will always be presented in the best possible light, captivating audiences and maximising the impact of the message.

Streamlined Projector Setup and Management: Vivitek’s PJ-Control software is a user interface to set up single or multiple projectors for best screen fit. This shortens the time for installation and helps to manage the installed projectors remotely. The ViviCam App is a smartphone-based auto-calibration tool and helps to easily align multiple projectors, whether in edge-blending, warping or stacking installations. In addition, it balances the colours for a seamless image experience.

For System Integrators in the rental and staging markets, the D9000Z Series offers the flexibility to set and manage rental periods or various brightness levels to cover multiple use scenarios.

“Our D9000Z Series represents a significant advancement in large venue projection offerings,” said Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA. “With its unparalleled brightness, image quality, and ease of installation and control, the D9000Z Series sets a new standard for brilliance and flexibility in the industry.”

Pricing and availability
The D9000Z Series is available immediately. The MSRP (ex VAT) for the three models is: DU9057Z, £28,900; DU9055Z, £26,500; DU9053Z, £22,500

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