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Global Tech Advocates launch 36th Group – Tech Brazil Advocates

Tech Brazil Advocates becomes GTA’s 36th international group and the second in South America.

  • The launch event takes place at Batman Alley at the Ziv Gallery, São Paulo.
  • The GTA community now includes more than 30,000 members and spans six continents.

São Paulo, 16th May 2024: Today, the internationally renowned grassroots community Global Tech Advocates has announced the launch of Tech Brazil Advocates (TBA) as its 36th group and its second in South America.

The group launches at Batman Alley, at the Ziv Gallery in São Paulo, the first live hybrid in-person and digital meeting of TBA members.

TBA will be co-led by Henry Suzuki and Sandra Sinicco. Sandra is the CEO of LatamScaleUP, a British /Brazilan consultancy that supports startups and pre-scaleups looking to expand to Europe having its pitstop in the UK, as well as the CEO of GrupoCASA, a company that delivers communication strategies for the innovation industry having supported over 400 companies along the years such as WAZE in Latin America, Google, Xiaomi among others.

Henry is an instrumental figure in the country’s innovation system, Holder of Chair No. 2 of the Brazilian Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a specialist in patents and technological intelligence. He is also an active member of key innovation communities in Brazil, adding TBA to his network.

A key focus for TBA will be to connect Brazil’s network of founders and innovators to strengthen its tech ecosystem. With a global mindset, the group will focus on collaborative actions as well as the formulation, implementation and improvement of public policies.

As part of its industrial policy, in January the Brazilian government announced a ​​plan to propel national development with a focus on sustainability and innovation for the next ten years.

This plan intends to stimulate productive and technological development, promote better jobs, attract investments, and increase international competitiveness. TBA will have an important role to play in the growth of the ecosystem, finding solutions to the challenges faced by technology and innovation companies internationally.

Tech Brazil Advocates will expand upon the unique international reach of the Global Tech Advocates community and establish new connections with the GTA groups that are present across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas.

Russ Shaw CBE, Founder, Global Tech Advocates comments: “The launch of Tech Brazil Advocates is another exciting launch for our community. Home to almost half of the population of South America, Brazil contributes more than 50% of the continent’s data investment and is therefore a highly significant incubator for tech businesses. I have great belief in Sandra and Henry to lead Tech Brazil Advocates, our 36th GTA group, and provide a convening voice to advocate and contribute to the growth of the Brazilian ecosystem. TBA will be instrumental in strengthening the sector, a particularly important mission given a goal of the government’s industry policy is to enhance the production of technologies focused on ensuring national sovereignty.”

Sandra Sinicco, Co-lead, of Tech Brazil Advocates, comments: “It’s a real honour to co-lead TBA with Henry – we are dedicated to the upbringing of Brazil’s tech & innovation ecosystem internationally. With Brazil’s tech sector comprising the most startups in South America, there’s a real need for an organisation to help companies build connections across the nation to assist in scale and growth – our goal is for TBA to be the founders of that community.”


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