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Medallia Ideas enables VIA University College to launch innovation incubator, increasing student engagement and problem solving

Medallia, the global leader in customer and employee experience, today announced that VIA University College, a University of Applied Sciences with nearly 20,000 students across eight campuses in central Denmark, has leveraged Medallia Ideas to build an online collaboration and crowdsourcing community, VIA Crowd Lab, to digitise innovation and entrepreneurship and source new solutions to complex challenges.

With a teaching model that builds on the Danish tradition of educating students in cooperation with professional practice, VIA wanted to foster problem-based learning, empower students to work collaboratively, generate ideas for addressing real-world issues, and, ultimately, create a culture that promotes engagement, creativity, and new ways of thinking. It chose Medallia Ideas as its platform, and debuted VIA Crowd Lab in 2022.

In 2023, the VIA University College launched seven new challenges, generating nearly 300 new proposals from about 400 participants, which received thousands of views and hundreds of comments. Activity on the platform is up by nearly 150 percent from the previous year. VIA has shared its learnings with 12 other European universities and plans to grow this initiative significantly, making the VIA Crowd Lab available for additional courses and departments.

“We believe that uncovering ideas from a large and diverse group of people is key to fuelling innovation, and we selected Medallia Ideas to be our crowdsourcing platform because it’s easy to set up, intuitive, and user friendly,” says Morten Randrup Mathiasen, co-creator of VIA Crowd Labs at VIA University College. “Medallia’s collaboration tools have helped us increase engagement among students, employees, researchers, and external practitioners and empower our community to create value for others.”

Medallia Ideas allows organisations to quickly launch new initiatives to yield the best ideas and solutions, facilitating participation with scoring, rewards, badges, and leaderboards, while also offering real-time insights and in-depth analysis for those running online challenges through the platform.

At VIA University College, students have been given several opportunities to address real issues for public and private organisations in Denmark and internationally. Here are just a few of the ways the school has leveraged Medallia Ideas:

A digital incubator for entrepreneurial students: Students are able to present their business ideas, get feedback, make networking connections, and discover new tools and resources using VIA Crowd Lab

Improving recruitment at VIA University College: The school gathered input on how to become the first choice for students and increase enrolment

Limiting the use of plastic in pre-packaged grocery store items: VIA’s marketing students shared their recommendations to support a local grocery store’s goal of reducing waste

Engaging patients with dementia and their families: VIA nursing students generated new ideas for a local hospital’s memory clinic

“VIA University College is leading the way with crowdsourcing on campus, setting an example for other higher educational institutions and delivering meaningful results. They are generating more ideas from a more diverse group of people and increasing student engagement, all while accelerating the time to problem solving and action,” said Simonetta Turek, Chief Product Officer at Medallia. “The innovative use of Medallia Ideas further proves that this is a solution that organisations of all sizes can utilise to not only engage students and employees but to improve processes and solutions across the board.”