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Miros Introduces Online Shopping with Tagless E-Commerce

Miros, the leading visual AI e-commerce solution, today announced a series of powerful enhancements to its product discovery platform, further enhancing how consumers engage with online shopping. Leveraging Miros’ two decades of expertise in e-commerce and technology, these new features are designed to make shopping more intuitive, enjoyable, and efficient.

Nowadays, only 20 percent of shoppers use the search bar to describe what they are looking for with simple keywords. The rest, 80 percent, know what they want but don’t know how to describe it.

To address this challenge, Miros is driving a new streamlined shopping experience with new features:

Tagless Discovery Engine. Miros’ pioneering technology requires only product images to enable the AI to understand shopper intent and surface relevant items. This feature eliminates the need for traditional product tagging, reducing setup time and complexity while increasing accuracy and relevancy in product discovery.
Wordless Search. Miros introduces a visual discovery journey through retailers’ product catalogs, allowing users to find items they love in under 60 seconds without needing keywords.

Discovery Bar. The newly enhanced Discovery Bar offers real-time product suggestions through simple conversational inputs, streamlining the user journey on product listing pages (PLPs) and search results pages (SRPs) as well as enhancing conversion rates.

Find by Image. Users can now initiate searches by uploading images, with the system intelligently capturing the style and characteristics of the items to provide finely tuned results.

Shop the Look. This feature provides automated, cross-category style recommendations, encouraging larger basket sizes by inspiring users to purchase complete looks.

Recommended Items. A sophisticated recommendation system now features similar-style items across all product pages, which enhances the user experience and boosts average order values and customer loyalty.

These updates have already demonstrated a significant impact, with one case study from momox fashion showing an increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) by 19 percent, Average Order Value (AOV) by 11 percent, and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) by 10 percent.

Heikki Haldre, Co-Founder and CEO at Miros, commented,
“Miros continues to drive innovation in the e-commerce space with solutions that cater to both retailers and consumers, fostering an environment where shopping is not just a task but a delightful experience.”

Haldre continued, “Our latest enhancements are not just about elevating the shopping experience, they are a leap towards redefining how retail operates in the digital age. These new features support our commitment to driving retail innovation. By aligning closely with the needs and behaviors of today’s online shoppers, retailers can use our solution to boost sales and efficiently reduce cart abandonment rates.”

Miros’ client, Ravensburger, observed a remarkable 4.8X increase in conversion rates and a 14 percent rise in the average number of items purchased by Miros users compared to those not using the tool.

Ideas, part of the Gul Ahmed group, is Pakistan’s largest lifestyle and fashion store. The Gul Ahmed Group Ideas has over 100 outlets in Pakistan today. As part of Gul Ahmed’s motto of providing “excellent quality and service,” Idea’s mission is to provide fashion to consumers as easily as possible.

Ali Azeem, Manager – E-Commerce, Ideas, commented,
“Market trends indicate a growing preference for online shopping over physical stores, driven by better stock availability online. Despite this, many shoppers struggle to navigate extensive product lines online. Previously, our manual “related” and “cross-sell” sections on product detail pages did not meet every customer’s needs, and issues like out-of-stock recommendations showing up in search results further hindered the shopping experience.”

Azeem continued: “Miros aims to transform this experience by leveraging AI to personalize each shopping journey based on the user’s browsing behavior, thus streamlining product discovery. We believe this enhancement will resolve our inventory issues and allow our customers to enjoy their time on our site and find desired items more efficiently, significantly boosting our conversion rates.”

Prior to co-founding Miros in 2019, Heikki Haldre, Diana Saarva, and Paul Pallin co-founded, a groundbreaking biorobotics technology for fashion e-commerce. was acquired by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten in 2015.

Together, the founders have gathered the brightest AI and e-commerce minds from companies like Rakuten, Zalando, and Bolt and partnered with the leading European computer vision AI research institution, iCV Lab, to create an award-winning e-commerce solution for retailers.

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