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Pi Datametrics & Lumar Announce Strategic Partnership To Unify Technical and Search Intelligence For Enterprise Brands

Enterprise Search Intelligence and SEO platform Pi Datametrics today announced a data exchange partnership with recognised leader in technical SEO solutions, Lumar. This collaboration brings Lumar’s powerful technical SEO data directly into the Pi Datametrics platform, with Pi’s intelligence-led data set to be integrated into Lumar’s tools in the near future.

Lumar’s website health and technical SEO platform offers users a wealth of data designed to help websites reach their commercial potential. By integrating Lumar’s technical data points directly into Pi Datametrics’ suite of SEO and Search Intelligence tools, users can benefit from a more comprehensive view of their SEO performance, and can gain a deeper understanding of the critical relationship between a website’s technical health and its organic search ranking.

By combining technical insights from Lumar with intelligence-led insights from Pi Datametrics, this partnership equips SEO teams to make better informed, data-driven decisions, maximising SEO return on investment, faster.

The business partnership builds upon the recent successful launch of a dashboard widget (April 2024) which brings Lumar’s proprietary Technical SEO Health Score directly into the Pi Datametrics dashboard; allowing SEO teams to leverage vital technical and strategic performance data in a single centralised location.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lumar, a recognised technical SEO leader,” said Dan Titterton, CEO at Pi Datametrics. He continues “Partnering with Lumar enables us to focus on the things that drive our customer’s success – revealing the most valuable opportunities. Lumar’s technical Intelligence accompanied by our opportunity and performance capability shines a light on the complex SEO growth puzzle, revealing where to focus resources and effort to achieve the best returns.”

“This collaboration is driven by our shared vision of empowering businesses to make data-driven SEO decisions that fuel significant business growth,” says Panos Savopoulos, CEO of Lumar.

By unifying data sources, Pi Datametrics and Lumar bridge the gap between technical SEO, search intelligence, and organic visibility; making it easier than ever for businesses to experience SEO success.

“At Pi Datametrics, we believe that successful SEO strategies are built on a strong technical foundation,” concluded Titterton. “Partnering with Lumar was a natural step for us, and we’re excited to see the value this collaboration brings to our enterprise customers.”