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NetDocuments Expands Microsoft Integrations, Connecting Microsoft Copilot and More

NetDocuments, a provider of unique SaaS solutions and platform offerings where legal professionals do their best work, today announced a multi-faceted technology initiative that will introduce new capabilities to drive even more collaboration, security, and productivity within the Microsoft 365 applications that lawyers use every day.

Designed to create a seamless way of working between NetDocuments and Microsoft 365, several key elements are included within the initiative:

• Integration with Microsoft Copilot Unlocks NetDocuments’ Content: As announced at the Microsoft Build 2024 developers conference, the NetDocuments and Microsoft Copilot integration enables legal professionals to easily find documents and information within the NetDocuments platform. From directly inside Copilot and using the NetDocuments Copilot extension, lawyers can query with natural language requests, instantly delivering results alongside links to matching content stored in NetDocuments. For example, a user could pull up a list of recent documents edited by a colleague, or contracts drafted for a client without ever leaving Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, Teams, and the Microsoft 365 app. The Copilot integration will also connect users to access advanced, legal-specific automation capabilities, powered by NetDocuments’ ndMAX generative AI solution, unlocking powerful capabilities to extract legal data, draft and revise based on firm precedent, and much more.
• Better Email Management in Outlook: NetDocuments has added significant enhancements to its new web-based integration with Outlook. Whether Firms and departments are currently using the new Outlook, or moving at their own pace to adopting it, organizations can have confidence knowing that the NetDocuments integration is ready and available. The same mail filing experience is available on Outlook mobile as well.
• Enhanced Collaboration in Microsoft Teams: NetDocuments ’revamped Teams app experience provides a seamless look and feel, trusted security, ability to access documents and make notes, all within Teams, while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of the NetDocuments platform to further reduce time spent “toggling” between applications (“toggle tax”) further improving productivity, security, and collaboration within an organization.
• Seamless Design across Microsoft 365 and NetDocuments’ Experiences: NetDocuments’ new design system is based on Microsoft’s own Fluent UI, meaning users will enjoy a consistent, intuitive experience within Microsoft applications and the NetDocuments platform. This Fluent-based designed system will also power the upcoming Progressive Web App to provide a comprehensive experience that is consistent across devices and operating systems.

“For decades NetDocuments has been committed to delivering innovative capabilities, solutions, and integrations that enable law firms and legal teams to do their best work,” stated Josh Baxter, NetDocuments’ CEO. “Our integration with Microsoft across the product ecosystem is another example of our commitment to delivering solutions that will enhance the productivity, collaboration, and user-experience for all NetDocuments customers.”

Srini Raghavan, Vice President, Microsoft Teams Ecosystem at Microsoft added, “NetDocuments’ new integration extends the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot to deliver users a seamless interaction between Copilot and the NetDocuments platform right within Microsoft Teams, improving productivity and collaboration.”

For more details about NetDocuments’ next-generation experience, click here.