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WalkMe’s Partner Ecosystem Gains Momentum, Adds New Strategic Alliances With Industry Leaders

WalkMe Ltd. (NASDAQ: WKME), a leading provider of digital adoption solutions for effectively navigating technology change, today announced key momentum in their partner ecosystem with the introduction of new partnerships with Cognizant and UST.

These strategic alliances were formed to help joint customers tackle the challenge of effectively adopting and scaling the latest technologies, particularly in light of the generative AI revolution. As the surge of AI-powered applications brings immense potential for productivity and innovation, it also introduces new complexities in change management and digital adoption. WalkMe’s partnerships with industry leaders Cognizant and UST position the Company at the forefront of helping organizations navigate this transformative landscape.

Cognizant stands out in the global marketplace with its comprehensive suite of solutions that blend deep cross-industry experience with robust enterprise application expertise. Cognizant’s consulting and advisory services are tailored to help clients accelerate business transformation, ensuring that partners like WalkMe can navigate complexities with ease. WalkMe can leverage Cognizant’s extensive certified training resources and innovative methodologies to enhance their digital adoption platform, supporting mutual clients’ efforts to drive growth and improve user productivity and adoption. Cognizant’s commitment to understanding the clients’ unique operational models enables customized, end-to-end solutions that are both cost-effective and integrate seamlessly with existing systems to unlock value rapidly.

With Cognizant’s global scale and rich pool of diverse talent, including thought leaders and industry experts, this strategic collaboration with WalkMe has the potential to deliver multiple benefits for clients, including accelerated cloud adoption, enhanced competitive edge, and a seamless integration of technology that simplifies and enriches the user experience.

“Cognizant’s end-to-end capabilities to implement process, transformation, and technology modernization programs place strong emphasis on human-centered change,” says Michael Valocchi, SVP and head of Cognizant Consulting Americas. “Cognizant and WalkMe together can deliver faster training results, increased adoption of new processes and technology and unlock the powerful impact of DAPs on the enterprise software ecosystem.”

“With advanced analytics, cross-application functionality, and context-sensitive on-screen tips and guidance, DAPs help enterprises maximize the value and benefits of their software investments,” says Gina Smith, PhD, research director, IT Skills for Digital Business practice at IDC. “When thoughtfully implemented, they can lead to faster training results and higher returns on software investment overall.”
UST’s open innovation collaboration program, UST Spark, builds strategic partnerships and explores technological synergies to address its client’s current and future business challenges through impactful technology solutions. UST Spark selected WalkMe as a partner, due to its close alignment with UST’s core operations and expertise.
Partnering with WalkMe reinforces UST’s commitment to building a comprehensive open partner ecosystem that encompasses emerging and leading-edge technologies. The partnership is already active in Spain and LATAM and is expanding to other territories.
WalkMe is particularly excited to partner with UST in these regions to bring best-in-class, AI-powered digital adoption to this new market.
“WalkMe is actively supporting UST customers in their digital transformation efforts by streamlining their technological landscape and business processes,” said Jose Salamanca, UST managing director, Spain and LATAM. “By adopting an all-encompassing customer-centric approach, they aim to make the transformation journey smoother and more efficient. WalkMe helps UST´s strategy to prioritize simplification and user-centricity, which are crucial elements in successful digital transformations.”
“Our partnerships with Cognizant and UST come at a very opportune time, amid the surge in generative AI applications and the ensuing rush to reap the benefits of this transformative technology,” said Travis Dion, global vice president, Channel & Alliance Leader, WalkMe. “Fully harnessing these new AI capabilities requires people to actually use these technologies and we’ve been solving that problem for over a decade. WalkMe is thrilled to help Cognizant, UST, and AFS bring their clients leading digital adoption expertise and technology.”

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