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Blink Offers Free Platform Access for Non-Profit Organisations with “Blink for Everyone” Program

Blink, the leading employee engagement superapp, today announced the formal launch of “Blink for Everyone,” a program offering non-profit organisations access to its platform free of charge. This initiative builds on Blink’s commitment to support non-profits with the essential tools they need to stay connected and engaged, especially during transitional times.

Meta’s decision to pivot away from Workplace has left many non-profits facing increased costs or a loss of critical connectivity. Blink for Everyone addresses this gap by offering a mobile-first, unified platform that enhances communication and collaboration among team members.

“Non-profits are essential to society and our communities, and we want to enhance their impact by offering access to an all-one-one people engagement platform,” said Sean Nolan, CEO and founder of Blink. “With the closure of Meta’s Workplace for Good, many organisations are searching for alternatives. Blink for Everyone is our commitment to help non-profits continue their vital work without the burden of additional costs. We believe in equality of access, where every worker, whether desk-based or deskless, has the tools they need to thrive.”

Non-profit organisations using Blink have already reported significant improvements in their operations and employee engagement.

“Blink has significantly enhanced our organisational communication with its intuitive interface, leading to a positive shift within our workforce,” said a representative from St. Amant. “Since adopting Blink, our dispersed teams have become more informed and connected, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.”

Chris Lawley, board member, Destiny Rescue remarked, “Blink has revolutionised how we connect, communicate and collaborate as an organisation. As a globally dispersed team, we were struggling with keeping our teams connected in real-time. Blink’s support for non-profit organisations allowed us to adopt their world-class technology without a license fee. Important information is now being shared seamlessly across continents, making our operations safer and more efficient.”

Blink features and benefits
• Two-way communications: augmented with an integrated activity feed and a centralised resource Hub.
• Mobile-first approach: a single application for all company-focused interactions, ensuring accessibility for all employees.
• Seamless experience: Facilitates smooth communication and engagement across the entire workplace.
• Scalability and Configurability: Easily scales and supports organisations of all sizes, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
Blink’s mission is “connect everyone, so everyone thrives.” This initiative reflects Blink’s commitment to ensuring that all organisations, regardless of their size or budget, have access to the best tools for communication and engagement.

Non-profits interested in Blink for Everyone can register their interest on Blink’s website.