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Retailers can reduce digital signage energy consumption by up to 50% with new ‘Green Signage’ protocol

Tests show a significant energy reduction when four key levers are adopted by retailers

London, UK; 30th May: M-Cube, the in-store digital solution provider, has today unveiled its ‘Green Signage’ protocol to help retailers reduce Digital Signage energy consumption by up to 50%.

This announcement comes as the European Union introduces the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation. This new legislation aims to enhance the circularity, energy efficiency, and overall environmental sustainability of EU products, with retailers expected to comply with these requirements as quickly as possible. To address this, M-Cube has developed four key technologies to successfully minimise energy consumption.

The ‘Green Signage’ M-Cube protocol is made up of four technologies: power steer, content playout, visualisation tuning and content creation. All of these technologies integrate seamlessly in-store for retailers.

They include a smart socket, which delivers a regular energy report and ensures disconnection at a scheduled time, and a bespoke Video Player digital signage platform interface equipped with a setting to minimise consumption. Additionally, an LCD/LED screen with specialised tuning and adapted content designs guarantees green parameters are met. When these levers are correctly implemented as part of the ‘Green Signage’ protocol, energy consumption can be slashed by up to 30% to 50%.

The levers have been through thorough lab testing, and are now officially certified by IMQ, the leading Italian body in the field of conformity assessment and product, quality and business management systems certification. The benefits for retailers are wide-ranging, including energy cost savings, the freedom of remote controlling displays, and staying in line with evolving regulation on carbon footprint reduction.

Between 2011 and 2022, a study published in Science reported that global sky brightness increased by an estimated 9.6% per year. Making products more sustainable is therefore a growing focus of the digital signage industry, as well as finding solutions for a greener future.

“With growing pressure from customers and sustainability regulation expected to be enforced, the digital signage industry is in need of more environmentally-friendly practices, and fast,” Manlio Romanelli, President of M-Cube noted. “Our ‘Green Signage’ protocol delivers an exciting and ambitious option for retailers. With less energy consumption and increased savings, M-Cube is leading the way for in-store digital solutions and once again cementing itself as the ideal partner for retailers looking to the future.”

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M-Cube stands as a global luminary in In-Store Digital Experience solutions, boasting a comprehensive array of services from in-store radio to digital signage, interactivity, and mobile applications. M-Cube innovates digital solutions to elevate service quality, engagement levels, customer retention, and communication within the retail sector.

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