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Ultima Announces New Chief Technology Officer and Integrated ‘Office of the CTO’

Ultima has issued a statement announcing a new Chief Technology Officer and Integrated ‘Office of the CTO’.

The company spokesman said:

“We are thrilled to announce a strategic restructuring initiative aimed at enhancing clarity, effectiveness, and sustainable growth across our organisation. As part of this initiative, we are appointing Matt Hudson, formerly our Technical Presales Director, to the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Matt will lead the newly established ‘Office of the CTO,’ overseeing various functions critical to our success.

“Under Matt’s leadership, the Office of the CTO will streamline operations and optimize our go-to-market strategy for the fiscal year 2024/2025. This integrated office will encompass Technical Pre-Sales, Sales Specialists, Vendor Alliances, Bids, and Public Sector initiatives, ensuring a cohesive approach to driving business outcomes.”

Key highlights of the restructuring initiative include:

Technical Pre-Sales and Sales Specialists: The Technical Pre-Sales team, led by Matt Hudson, will continue to provide invaluable support to sales efforts, particularly for complex professional and managed services opportunities. Sales specialists will complement these efforts by bringing commercial expertise to customer engagements and supporting product initiatives across vendor and distribution channels.

Integration of JAM ( Just After Midnight) and Ultima LABS: The merger of Ultima and JAM presales teams will create a unified technical presales function focused on the public cloud space. ensuring a consistent and modern approach to cloud solutions. In addition, the Ultima Labs function, which innovates and drives automation solutions and initiatives, will further enhance customer productivity within this new integrated structure.

Vendor Alliances: This function will now oversee sales specialists, Microsoft licensing, and lifecycle teams within the Office of the CTO. This will involve close collaboration with various departments, including marketing and sales, to capitalise on vendor partnerships and drive mutual success.

Bids and Public Sector Focus: The restructuring initiative will also prioritize bids and public sector engagements, leveraging Ultima’s premium public sector framework accreditations such as TePAS2 to underscore Ultima’s commitment to serving diverse customer segments and driving meaningful impact in the marketplace.

Commenting on the announcement, Scott Dodds, CEO at Ultima, expressed confidence in the new organisational structure and its potential to unlock growth opportunities. “We are excited about the possibilities that this restructuring offers,” Dodds said. “We believe it will not only enhance our operational efficiency but also strengthen our ability to deliver value to our customers and partners.”