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Check Point Software Simplifies Cloud Application Security with AI-Powered WAFaaS

The New CloudGuard WAF-as-a-Service offers a fully managed, scalable solution empowering businesses to navigate the digital world with confidence and resilience

11th June 2024 –  Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading cyber security platform provider, today announced CloudGuard WAF-as-a-Service (WAFaaS) — an automated, AI-powered, web application firewall, that offers organisations a fully managed solution to prevent cyber threats and protect web applications from unauthorised access and data breaches. Prioritising prevention, simplicity and scalability, this technology delivers a convenient and cost-effective way to efficiently secure cloud applications and APIs.

Security practitioners understand that WAF solutions require meticulous setup and ongoing maintenance to mitigate risks. Yet, securing the cloud is of the utmost importance. Check Point’s 2024 Cloud Security Report revealed an overwhelming 96% of respondents reported concerns about their ability to effectively manage cloud risks. Check Point CloudGuard WAFaaS’s fully managed offering alleviates the heavy lifting traditionally associated with maintaining WAF solutions, transforming a cumbersome process into a streamlined operation.
“Modern cloud operations need straightforward and effective protection for Web Services and APIs, which CloudGuard WAFaaS provides through essential, automated, and cloud-delivered security,” said Oded Gonda, VP Technology & Innovation at Check Point Software Technologies. “CloudGuard WAFaaS simplifies application security for our customers, providing top-notch threat prevention within a managed solution that can be deployed in under five minutes and effectively prevents zero-day threats.”

CloudGuard WAFaaS is an essential component of Check Point’s prevention-first cloud security solution. With features ranging from AI-based threat detection, API discovery bot prevention, file security, and rate limiting, CloudGuard WAFaaS offers a comprehensive suite of application and API protection for multiple cloud and modern architectures and includes DDoS prevention and automated certificate management.

As part of the Check Point Infinity Platform to defend the cloud, key features for CloudGuard WAFaaS include:
• Threat Prevention: Protects against Zero-day exploits, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and bot-driven assaults, ensuring comprehensive security without affecting performance
• Contextual Analysis: Precise detection, with virtually no false positives, frees security teams from tedious firewall maintenance
• API Security: Effectively reduces the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches leveraging the latest API Discovery feature
• One-time Set-up: End-to-end deployment process can be executed within 5 minutes
“Unlike traditional web application firewalls, which rely heavily on manual intervention and frequent signature updates, our newly released Check Point CloudGuard WAFaaS leverages AI to adapt to new threats dynamically,” said Brian McHenry, Head of Cloud Security Engineering at Check Point Software. “This capability ensures that organisations have a preventative defense mechanism that evolves with the threat landscape without generating time-consuming false positives.”

CloudGuard WAFaaS is available immediately through Check Point’s network of global partners. Visit the website to learn more.